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2 thoughts on “Join Robert’s Email Club

  • john drashner

    just heard you on the radio, first time…thank you, thank you…from the Great state of Alaska..

  • Why not expose the individuals creating global genocide? They hide in government agenices (FDA, USDA, etc.), in biotech companies (Monsanto), and pharmaceutical corporations. What would happen if their pictures were on boxes on GMO laden products, on commercials advocating a life on drugs, on television explaining why they voted to poison us? There is so much we can do to identify the real terrorists in our country besides putting their pictures in the post office. Join action groups like the Food Alliance, Food Democracy, the NVIC. On my way to Napa I saw a sign and it read: “Watch out Congress. The citizens are coming.” We are the citizens, we have the numbers and we have the power to effect change. Speak up America while you still can. Find your voice.

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