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Jon Rappoport, Unapproved Cancer Cures, HIV Anomaly Cascades, Star Trek GMO Food Monsters (the lost episode), HPV Shot Questioned, Flu and Skin Infections on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 18, 2011

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport returns to continue our discussion of the battle between raw milk and drugs. Which one is winning? Why is there a monopoly for allopathic cancer treatment, especially when there are so many natural ways you can help someone overcome cancer? Is it a crime to cure cancer without FDA approval? Just ask Dr. Burzynski. Who is promoting snake oil – health food stores or the FDA? Do the powers-that-be have a back up plan as they lose more followers to natural healing methodologies and practitioners? Why doesn’t the old media cover the long term non-drug survivors among those who have tested HIV “positive” ? Finally beware of false crises or events that are designed to keep you in a low state of consciousness. What would it take to snap you back into the matrix even if you did not want to go? and

Kirk vs. Monsanto GMO Monster

Liam Scheff joins me to reveal one of the lost episodes of the original Star Trek TV show. This never-before-seen (or heard) footage from an unaired episode that eerily predicted what would happen if Monsanto’s GMO creations were let loose on the planet. This is really incredible!

Who says that cancer cannot be cured? What were the cancer treatment discoveries of Dr. William Frederick Koch? It’s in the congressional record of June 7, 1948. So how come most Americans have never heard of it?

How is it that in Myanmar, of all places, their scientists can ask more intelligent questions about the perceived need for an HPV vaccination? Did you know that there are no studies proving safety and efficacy of Merck’s Gardasil? In fact, the shots may actually be causing worse conditions than Merck is claiming to prevent!

Why are more kids than ever being hospitalized with flu and skin infections? Could it be that they do not know about homeopathic Rhus tox., Arsenicum alb., Mezereum and Bryonia alba? How about probiotics? Silver? Selenium? Glutathione?

All kinds of things are way more dangerous than raw milk!

FDA’s assault on raw milk has nothing to do with safety…

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