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Jonathan Emord, Bringing America Back From Financial Ruin, FDA Assaults Supplements, Nurse Chemotherapy, Inspiring Activists and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 24, 2011

FDA-Dragonslayer Jonathan Emord returns to discuss ways to bring America back from financial ruin! Why is the Obama Administration prepared to wipe out half of the dietary supplement industry at a time when we can least afford to lose more jobs in this economy? Why is Obama’s FDA basically telling dietary supplement manufacturers to “drop dead?” Are you supporting the Alliance for Natural Health yet? We’ll also cover the prospects of a Ron Paul presidency as the American electorate is waking up to a harsh political reality. Is 2012 a year of genuine political change, or just more of the same until the inevitable collapse? This is a very important interview – I urge you to give it a careful listen! and and and

The FDA is preparing to wipe out over half of all supplement manufacturers. Are you prepared to fight?

Cynthia Davis and Family

Cynthia Davis, former state legislator from Missouri, joins me from “Nullify Now!” Kansas City with an inspiring message of activism and health freedom!

Why are nurses being exposed to toxic chemotherapy drugs? And if it is so dangerous to healthy nurses, how is it save for immune-compromised cancer patients?

You thought breast cancer drugs cured cancer? Think again. They are killing cancer patients because of extreme toxicity. Allopathic oncology is barbaric.

Should food stamps be used to buy soda pop? N.Y. City Mayor Bloomberg thinks not. The Feds think yes. What do you think?

Thank you to everyone calling 1-866-939-BELL (2355). Please keep you comments and questions coming 24/7!

Do we really need another Big Pharma stooge as president? Why Rick Perry is wrong for America:

Rick Perry and his love of Gardasil cost children their lives.

Who says Ron Paul is not electable? Rasmussen reports that he is statistically even when paired directly against Barack Obama.

Is Vitamin Water a healthy drink? I suppose Americans will buy anything if they believe that there are vitamins in it. Never mind that they’re synthetic…

Would you like your honey leaded or unleaded? If it’s from China, leaded may be your only option…

Hooray! Somebody is actually helping the socio-economically challenged in the inner city! How long will it be before the FDA or Department of Agriculture shut him down?  I applaud Will Allen’s food freedom! May it spark a revolution of food growing everywhere! and


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In case you missed my broadcast from The Health Freedom Expo on GCN from this past Sunday at the Tenth Amendment Center’s “Nullify Now!” event in Kansas City, you can still listen to it here: Guests included Tom Woods, Michael Boldin, John Bush, Jason Rink and more!

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