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Jonathan Emord Sacred Fire of Liberty, jury nullification, terror speech, porcine PC, Cheryl Chumley, Dr Nuzum detox, HBP, epigenetics & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show January 15, 2015 Click here to download and listen now!

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: RSB and Jonathan Emord rekindle your sacred fire of liberty! Why is Oxford University Press banning the mention of pigs and sausage in all of their books? We realize that they are not kosher, but are unaware of any prohibition of the mere mention of the animal in discussion. Is this porcine correctness taken too far? Why is a judge threatening to impanel a secret jury should news of Constitutional jury nullification reach prospective jurors? Can a group of your peers really rule on the facts AND the law? The Washington Times’ Cheryl Chumley joins us to discuss the terrorist attack in Paris, the Obama administration response and what should have been done. We’ll also cover the Republican bills that have just passed the House and prospects for passage in the Senate. How is the field of candidates lining up for the 2016 Republican presidential primaries? On the health care front, why do research scientists continue to insist that bad genes are the cause of heart disease? What does it mean when they tease genes? We’re going to smash them with epigenetics! Just in the nick of time, Dr. Daniel Nuzum is back to share protocols to help float toxins out of your body. We’ve got Questions of the Day on blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cancer and more! Finally, did you hear about the premature baby that was declared dead by doctors but came back to life after 2 hours of close physical contact on mom? How many more reasons do you need to question the authoritarian edicts of medical doctors? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hello Robert, Thank you for providing vital health information during your radio shows. Despite your programs time change we’ve been listening to your show on a local radio station Monday thru Friday mornings (8AM – 10AM). Sadly I had a dispute with my 79-year-old mom over her being prescribed Lisinopril by her doctor (Is there an alternative to Lisinopril for hypertension?). The Holidays can be overwhelming for any of us especially with what we eat along with the challenging family dynamics but running to the doctor is certainly NOT the cure. My mom insists on following her doctor’s advice with this prescription to resolve what she claims to be as hypertension. I’m reviewing this as an occasional bout of anxiety. A few months ago my mom was taken to the ER with high blood pressure/hyperventilation. Without any final test results the doctor began to describe that she had a heart murmur or a blood clot and prescribed Xarelto. I immediately stated, “For the record I object to your prescribed medication!” asking “…isn’t there a more conservative approach to treating her symptoms while waiting for her FINAL test results?” The doctor paused and then said “baby aspirin”. The final test results revealed no heart murmur, no blood clot – and stated that it was probable that she had suffered a panic attack. With this information I ordered the promoted CBD oil for my mom. Is there an alternative to Lisinopril for hypertension? Thank you, Steady Eddie

2) I saw all the episodes on Truth about Cancer and it was very interesting, informative and kind of re-iterated tome how modern medicine is actually doing harm to us. My daughter was diagnosed with lupus when she was 13 and she has been on plaquenil eversince. However, she had a major flare up about 4 years back. Her kidneys were affected, she had vasculitis and she was put on a 60 mg dosage of prednisone for more than 6 months. She got drug induced diabetes and finally her body and her symptoms calmed down a year later and she was almost back to normal but she was put on cellcept, plaquenil and enalapryl. She is still taking them as there is protein in her urine, I know all the harmful effects of these medicines. She is under depression as she is losing hair. She is extremely bright and has very aspirations but I am very worried if she can fulfill her career dreams. My question to you is, can you treat her and get her lupus (symptom) free. We have tried several alternate medicine methods but since they did not work very well and had too many food restrictions, she has lost hope in them. Can you suggest a way for treating her and getting her on track with her life. She has lost all her teenage life to this disease. When she should be having fun with her friends she was busy injecting herself with insulin for no bad eating on her part. She used to weigh 90 pounds and on top of that she was taking insulin for diabetes. Anyway now she is better but going through depression, hair loss and pimples. I want to know if you doctors can help her and if yes, what course of action I need to take. She is 20 and losing hope in life. I appreciate any response. Thank you, Asha

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Scientists tease out genes that signal risk of heart failure


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