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Liam Scheff, Pink Ribbon Fallacy, Tea Party Debt Ceiling Terrorists, Gastric Bypass, Birth Control Insurance, Superbugs and more on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 2, 2011

Conspiracy Realist Liam Scheff

Liam Scheff joins RSB in studio to discuss the debt ceiling insanity, pink ribbons for breast cancer (plus nutrition that really works for prevention and reversal) and gastrointestinal bypass for the morbidly obese. Also, there is great controversy brewing about mandated birth control coverage by government insurance plans – is this eugenics in disguise? We’ll share some historical perspective of which you may not be aware – and it’s shocking! and and


Vice President Joe Biden says that you are a terrorist if you align with the Tea Party belief that the government should not raise the debt ceiling. Really? Terrorism is now defined as not wanting the government to spend more money? I suppose that’s close enough for government work…

Pink ribbons may not be beneficial for breast cancer… Did you know that Tamoxifen can cause cancer of the breast and uterus?

First we had superbugs in response to irresponsible use of antibiotics. Now we have super superbugs?

When is a deficit cut not a deficit cut? Ron Paul explains:

Birth control must be covered by government health insurance?

In a rather bizarre story, scientists now claim that surgically bypassing your stomach can create a healthier appetite…

Are tax hikes possible under the new debt ceiling elevation?

New drugs approved by FDA in 2011 far outpace approvals in all of 2010. Why?

Book suggestion: “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy” by Richard Maybury

Finally, the Humble Libertarian finds 100 (not 10 or 20) ways that Barack Obama is just like George W. Bush. Read the shocking Top 100 list here:

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