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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Former NM Governor Gary Johnson, Obamacare Tax Penalty, Liberty Champion Michael Badnarik, Ron Paul Festival Update, Chris Barr, Walking Diabetes, Doctor Shortages, Dangerous Heat, Amish Horse Vaccines, Summertime Surgeries and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for July 1, 2012, 1PM-3PM EDT

Hour 1 Obamacare Explained, Ron Paul Festival Update, Chris Barr, Health Freedom, Hip Replacement, Walking Diabetes and more… Call In Number: 1-800-259-5791.

As Obamacare is unleashed as a new tax and/or penalty on the American people for not engaging in pharmaceutical medical monopoly care, is there a way out? “This is, in essence, a declaration that the federal government now has unlimited power to force consumers to spend some (or even all) of their take-home pay on various products, services or even intellectual property that they have no interest in buying in the first place. It is a concentration of economic power in the hands of the federal government, and it suddenly ends economic liberty in America…”

AMA warns of upcoming shortage of doctors “When the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 ruling Thursday, the American Medical Association was quick to release a statement in support of the “historic” decision that will give more people access to health coverage.”

Peter Schiff joins line up at Paulfest!

Are you going to the Paul Festival?

Mainstream media, medical journals pushing ADHD drugs for six-year-olds There is a fresh agenda afoot to begin diagnosing children as young as six years of age with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and drugging them with dangerous medications like Ritalin (methylphenidate), Adderall (dextroamphetamine and amphetamine), and Prozac (fluoxetine).

FDA Cites Dangers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants, but Balks at a Ban An advisory panel for the FDA has decided that the risks involved in using metal-on-metal hip implants in hip replacement surgery outweigh the benefits, yet shied away from actually banning the devices, according to reports by the Associated Press and other media outlets.

MOMENT OF DUH – People who walk a lot have lower risk of diabetes “Among people with low physical activity and a high risk of diabetes, those who walk more throughout the day are less likely to actually get the blood sugar disorder, according to new research…”

RSB & Gov. Gary Johnson

Hour 2 – Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Former NM Governor Gary Johnson, Michael Badnarik, Remedies for Dangerous Heat, Amish Horse Vaccinations, Summertime Surgeries and More!

Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Former NM Gov. Johnson opposes Obamacare… ““Whether the Court chooses to call the individual mandate a tax or anything else, allowing it to stand is a truly disturbing decision. The idea that government can require an individual to buy something simply because that individual exists and breathes in America is an incredible blow to the bedrock principles of freedom and liberty. It must be repealed, and Congress needs to get about doing so today.” and

Dangerous heat smothers third of U.S., suspected in deaths Temperatures in the triple digits were causing misery in the eastern and southern United States on Friday, with both Columbia, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee reaching all-time records of 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

New York Amish vaccinate horses against deadly brain disease Amish farmers, whose beliefs stop them from inoculating their children but not their horses, thronged a first-ever free veterinary vaccination clinic this week to fend off a disease that has killed a dozen horses and a four-year-old girl.

Man Plagued by Porn-Induced Headaches A 24-year-old man plagued by porn-induced headaches has to take painkillers 30 minutes before watching the x-rated movies, according to a case study.

Summertime Is Tonsillectomy Time Summer may seem like paradise for many kids, but sometimes their health can put a crimp in the fun: Summer can be the perfect season to get a tonsillectomy.

TSA deliberately recruiting, hiring sociopaths and pedophiles, says whistleblower While the Central Intelligence Agency has a history of paying off petty tyrants and thugs in its quest to keep America safe, no regular federal agency would purposely seek out and hire the dregs of society. Right? Wrong.

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