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LIVE from A4M Vegas, Dr. Frank King, lymph drainage, tonsilitis, miasms, Dr Steve Hines, West Nile, silver, Jim LaValle, blood, hydrogen & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 12, 2014 Click here to download/listen now!

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: RSB reports LIVE from A4M, an anti-aging medical conference in Las Vegas with surprise guests on this Healing Revolution Friday! We’ll start on a lighter note with the Darwin Awards. Why are men the primary recipients of such dubious awards? Evidently, men are more willing to take idiotic risks. Do you find this to be true? Why should you hope your surgeon is grooving to the Bee Gees, not House of Pain? Dr. Frank King is back in studio to talk about swollen tonsils and the role of the lymphatic system in supporting immunity and detoxification. If your child’s doctor wants to remove their tonsils, please listen to today’s broadcast first! Dr. Steve Hines is back with a great discussion of antibiotic resistance and what you can do about it. Do you know anyone who suffers with West Nile Virus? Get ready to learn about a powerful botanical cure that is capable of clearing it up in a very short time! How short? You’ll have to tune in and listen! We’ll also discuss evidence of Selenium and Vitamin C deficiencies in many infections including Ebola and Hepatitis C. How can silver be used both orally and intravenously to overcome Lyme and cancer? What about shingles? Pharmacist Jim LaValle, author of “Your Blood Never Lies”joins RSB to cover the state if integrative medicine. From homeopathy to botanical

Jim LaValle and RSB at A4M Las Vegas

medicine, Jim has been a stalwart champion for natural medicine for 30 years! What is the new model for wellness? Should we just wait around for disease to happen? What about cholesterol issues? What’s the real deal with LDL? Do you know about heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants? We’ll talk about the gut immune response and the special affinity Jim has for homeopathic medicine in health recovery as an adjunct to orthomolecular medicine. Finally, Paul Barattiero chimes in to wrap up the Las Vegas discussion on the science of molecular hydrogen! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

The Healing Revolution is here with Dr. Frank King as we discuss the lymphatic system and the misunderstandings of medical doctors as it relates to the removal of inflamed tonsils. Are you ready for a paradigm shift? We’ll move the lymph in recognition of its role as the drainage canal of the body and immune system! Allopathic doctors are compromise the lymph and immune system needlessly with toxic drugs and dangerous surgery. Why is it not necessary? Have you tried the homeopathic Swollen Glands Formula? Get ready to walk with a spring in your step! You can learn more about draining your lymph in Dr. King’s book, The Healing Revolution! We’ll also talk about miasms. Do you know that your inherited predispositions never have to manifest? Can you say epigenetics? Time to get back to our genetic roots! Homeopathic mind/body options? Good Mood Enhancer! 9-1-1 Stress Control! Verbal Anger Formula! Have you tried Echo water yet? Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. Mind/Body Appraisal: Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats

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