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Live from Autism One! EPA Whistleblower David Lewis PhD on Toxic Sludge, Rebecca Estepp Talks Autism Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (Court), Louis Conte, Kim Rosenberg Personal Rights, Generational Fungicide Toxicity, Hospital Liver Disease and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 24, 2012

RSB is at Autism One for some broadcast healing in Lombard, Illinois. You are welcome to stop by and say hello! In the mean time, if you go to a hospital, please protect your liver! There is a new study showing that overdosing on Tylenol is easier than you think. We can remedy that. Are you concerned about fungus? It turns out that allopathic fungicides may actually contribute to autism, among other serious disease conditions. Have you tried d-limonene (Orange TKO) for cleaning instead of toxic petrochemicals? We have an amazing line up of guests scheduled today and the coming days from the Autism One Conference! Special thanks to King Bio, Sovereign Silver and One World Way for helping me rock the health world and support those most in need in Chicago this weekend!

David Lewis, PhD, is my first scheduled guest for Day 1 at Autism One. He is a “whistle blower” that protects whistle blowers! When I talk about the corruption of science at FDA, NIH and CDC, he reveals the scientific misconduct at the EPA. You think that they are protecting the environment? Think again. David reveals the EPA-approved toxic bio-solids for use on everything! His mission? To investigate institutional research misconduct in which science is being manipulated or suppressed by government, industry or academia to support government policies and industry practices.

Rebecca Estepp Director of Communications for the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy (, joins me to share her story of navigating the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (court) and being rejected despite her son’s autism diagnosis following vaccination – and despite other children being compensated when autism was much less prevalent. She’ll explain why this happened with a strong warning of what to look out for should you elect to allow doctors to vaccinate your child.

Kim Mack Rosenberg, from the Center for Personal Rights, discusses the outrageous drugging rates of autistic children in foster homes and state custody. Kim is a litigator at a major New York City-based law firm, where her practice focuses on products liability, class actions, insurance coverage and general civil litigation. In 2009 she was recognized by the Legal Aid Society for her pro bono service. In addition to being on the board of EBCALA and the Center for Personal Rights, Kim is the President of the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter. She is also a contributing editor of Vaccine Epidemic. and

Louis Conte, also from and in law enforcement reveals that the government has indeed compensated families of vaccine-injured children with autism! So, how is it that the government officials can still claim that there is no link? Louis is the father of triplet boys, two with autism. He is the Director of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Justice Project and a founding advocate member of EBCALA. He serves on the board of the Autism Action Network. Mr. Conte has advocated extensively in New York for autism health insurance reform, vaccination choice and improved educational services for people with autism. In his professional life, Mr. Conte is an Assistant Commissioner in the Westchester County Department of Probation where he has administered investigation and supervision programs that focus on sex offenders and domestic violence perpetrators. He is proud to have been part of a team that established the nation’s first Sex Offense Court. Mr. Conte graduated from Iona College in 1982. He is an instructor in the Japanese Martial Art of Ju Jitsu.

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