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LIVE from NPA-SOHO Orlando, Doc Rob, HempMeds, Troy Nihart, Catherine Colle, Jonathan Emord, Cheryl Chumley, Obama reflux & more!

Troy Nihart, RSB and Doc Rob, NPA SOHO

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 7, 2014 Click here 2 download/listen now!

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EST: RSB is broadcasting LIVE from the Natural Products Association SOHO Show with updates on CBD with Doc Rob and other surprise guests! Troy Nihart, CEO of HempMeds may drop by to share his passion for making accessible the wonderful health properties of the industrial hemp plant. Catherine Colle will likely join us to discuss the use of CBD in sports nutrition. Andrew Hard is back to reveal the renewed introduction of Dixie Botanicals. Special thanks to HempMedsPX for making this special edition from the Gaylord Palms possible! Are you ready for the Sacred Fire of Liberty hour? FDA Dragonslayer Jonathan Emord and Washington Times reporter Cheryl Chumley discuss the President’s Immigration amnesty executive order, the Ferguson protests, the Boehner position on a shut down and on avoiding immigration fights until after January. Why is OPEC cutting oil prices? What’s the significance of Elonis v. United States? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

RSB & Catherine Colle

Question/Comments of the Day: Dear Robert Scott Bell, I have your signed book “Unlock The Power To Heal” and I am very interested in your professional opinion about a few things I have going on right now. My wife is 9 weeks pregnant with out first baby, and you were the first person we thought of for advice about what to consume. Please let me know your opinion about “cbd and pregnancy.” We have been consuming CBD tincture for the previous year, but the doctor said to stop and only take prenatals that she prescribed. She also said have a flu shot, but we opted out. The doctor prescribed prenatal supplements from a pharmacy, but we are going to get organic ones from Whole Foods. I will call in during tomorrow’s show at noon if I haven’t heard from you prior to the broadcast. Thank you for your time and consideration!!! ~ Lew Smith

More upcoming RSB events:

  • Unlock Your Power To Heal! December 13, 2014 from 3-7:30PM EST. Where? Naturally Organic Healing Center, Las Vegas, Nevada!

What else is in the news?

Obama, complaining of sore throat, diagnosed with acid reflux – Yahoo News

Government Pays Compensation to 80 Flu Vaccine Injuries and Deaths in 3 Month Period

Research: Bisphenol A BPA Causes 100x More Harm Than Previously

Illegal pro-GMO observers accused of disrupting Oregon labeling law vote count — RT USA

Marijuana Soon to Protect NFL Players from Concussions? : Health & Medicine : Nature World News

Cannabinoids Offer Possible Treatment for Hig…Medical Jane

‘Designer strains’ of cannabis could cure more ills | The Times of Israel

Epilepsy Seizures Drop 50% in Cannabidiol Study OTCBB:LXRP

Is Monsanto About to Unleash GMO Marijuana? | Natural Society

Study: Virgin Coconut Oil More Effective than Drugs in Combating Stress and Depression

Signs of the decline are increasing every day. Now, food banks are opening on college campuses across America to feed students who might otherwise face starvation:

“GMO: the great land mob of Hawaii” by Jon Rappoport

“Independent Education: the crisis and the crossroad” By Jon Rappoport

“Education programming 101: destroy logic” By Jon Rappoport

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  • Hi Robert,

    I heard you today on the Power Hour and you mentioned a bio-available form of Silica. Either I didn’t hear you mention the name
    of the product or you didn’t mention it. What is the product? 🙂 I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth because it is mostly
    Silica. Is this something you would recommend?

    Thank you!

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