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LIVE from UK with the Alliance for Natural Health Europe, Rob Verkerk PhD, UK Health Radio’s Johann Ilgenfritz, healing freedom state and more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show April 19, 2015

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EDT: RSB and Dr. Rob Verkerk review the state of health freedom in Europe, UK and the United States Live from the Alliance for Natural Health think tank event in London. Johann Ilgenfritz from UK Health Radio will also join RSB to reveal more about his natural recovery from cancer. His story will inspire you! What other surprise guest might be joining us in jolly ole’ England? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at 6-8PM UK Time. We heard from Anna Victoria Rogers, author of Toxic World, Toxic People and talked about Aerotoxic Syndrome, the illness brought about by fuel exhaust circulating in the airplane’s cabin during flight! Scientist Peter Koeppel from Switzerland joined us to discuss the the science of nucleotides enhancing immunity! What are the three critical pathways needing such dietary support? Synthesis, Salvage pathways and Dietary ingestion. Get ready to enhance immune response and repair DNA! Heather Rosa joined us from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) to share healing stories and discuss different types of medicine in modalities.

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi Robert and super Don! I have been listening for about 6 months. I love the show! I’m impressed with your smooth, well thought use of the english language. Anyway, I was wondering why you don’t talk more about a particular superfood called chlorella. I know Mike Adams recommends it in his store, but you have never mentioned it. Just curious that’s all. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Matt from Plymouth Mn

More upcoming RSB events:

Health Care Crisis Think Tank Event with RSB in London on March 28, 2015! Hello to all my friends who happen to be doctors in the UK: sign up now! Space is limited! Plus a full day of integrative medicine with Dr. Jonathan Wright and a special guest appearance by RSB thanks to the Alliance for Natural Health UK!

Healthcare whistleblowers unite for thought and change: London, 28 March 2015

ANH Masterclass with Dr Jonathan Wright

Start date: 29 Mar 2015

End date: 29 Mar 2015

Venue: London Hilton Metropole, 225 Edgware Road, London W2 1JU, United Kingdom


Practitioners only – Turn back the biological clock and retune metabolic, endocrine and immune systems in this special ANH event. Dr Jonathan Wright shares from his 45 years of clinical experience, and Robert Scott Bell is appearing as a special guest.

Sign up for Cal Jam 2015 here: ‪ 

Autism One in Chicago May 2015 ~ See you there!

Join RSB at Natur-Tyme’s Annual Health Fair in Syracuse, NY, Sunday, April 19, 2015!

What else is in the news?

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200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF

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