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Live from Vitality Bistro! Connie Rogers, KC Craichy, vaccine hesitancy, Homeopathy on blast, bacteria heals Africa, anti-oxidants, living fuel!

Sunday, February 21,  2016 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EST

DSCN0684Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Radio without a safety net

Live from Vitality Bistro, Millennial Morgen joins RSB with Special Guests: KC Craichy and Connie Rogers!   We are celebrating the man who will be half-a-century on Tuesday, Robert Scott Bell.  He started his journey to healing at 24, and as many years later, a healthy and happy husband, father, and friend, he continues to learn and share the power to heal with anyone who will listen.  Thank you friends for tuning in and sharing with your friends as well!  We wouldn’t be doing what we do without you.

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised concern on what it calls vaccine hesitancy. In a statement released on Tuesday, the U.N agency said that people who delay or refuse vaccination presents a growing problem for countries wanting to close the immunization gap. Wait, why is hesitancy wrong?  Shouldn’t we use critical thinking and logic to research and decide what is best for us? WHO cites all kinds of regulatory ways to induce the public to jump on board the vaccine band-wagon…expect for working to create safer and more effective vaccines.

homeopathy-gettyA leading scientist has declared homeopathy a “therapeutic dead-end” after a systematic review concluded the controversial treatment was no more effective than placebo drugs.  Wait, if a placebo helps, why is that a bad thing?  But more importantly, how are all of us still here if homeopathy has been the leading source of treatment up until the 1950’s?  As KC points out, drug companies actually use homeopathic principles in their vaccine formations!  No matter what, the choice should always be in the hands of the individual.


Dr. Robert,
Hello Robert! Please talk a little about your own diet. are you a supporter of the paleo diet? are you a vegetarian? if someone with cancer came to you for diet advice what would you tell them? do you eat grains? you should have a weekly segment for your wife, Charlene and anyone else in your circle to talk about what goes on your tables to keep you guys in fine shape inside and out! one dr says paleo one says vegan … my concern is cancer prevention. love you all, Lori

malawi kidsManipulating what kinds of bacteria live in the gut might lead to a new way to treat millions of children suffering chronic malnutrition, says new research that suggests the right microbes can help get the most out of a poor diet.

DSCN0667We are joined by Connie Rogers, a new friend who has written a fantastic book based on her own journey to healing after her son suffered a reaction to vaccines as a child.  Her book, “Path to a Healthy Mind and Body” also talks about the importance of mental wellness, dumping old emotional burdens, wading through the lies and white noise we’ve allowed to bog us down, and living in a place of hope and love to heal our body, along with nutrition.

Speaking of emotional well-being, all this talk of screening and diagnosing America with “depression” is causing drastic concerns for the recommended treatment.  Opioids aren’t the only drugs we should be concerned about when it comes to overdoses. ODs involving common anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium are at an all-time high, and scientists fear plenty of lives will be lost before they fully understand why.

KC Craichy and Rob talk about the importance of clean eating, getting rid of the toxins that cloud the mind and replacing them with fuel your body can actually use!  Don’t let your body be “hangry” for nutrition, give it the fuel it needs, and see who quickly your mood and mind-set can change. Check out KC’s book and line of super food that you can live on here:

Another great question and comment from You:

Dr. Bell,

You have talked numerous times with Dr. Buttar, Ty, Super Don and others regarding how people seem to be in a trance as they do not appear to have the ability to see things clearly or have discernment. I know Mike Adams has mentioned that people with heavy metal toxicity tend to have a reduced ability to think things through.
I have sent you comments before, and I am the one who started a nutrition and supplement program to address an elevated blood pressure issue (it was ‘normal’ by current MD standards in about two weeks). I have been on this program a little over three years and people at work have been giving me a hard time since my transformation (I look younger and better), asking me if I am going to try and live forever (I am about the age of Ty). My reply has been I won’t live forever, but I want to live as healthy and as long as I am able to live.
Earlier this week, a person from another department and I were talking food in the kitchen/breakroom at work. Their comment was eating healthy only adds three years to your life – it is not worth it. I replied that three years is three years. I then asked if there was any difference in the quality of life between a person who ate the SAD or a healthier diet. This person did not know.
How do people go from the philosophy that ‘three years is not worth it’ to choosing conventional medicine with serious and major direct effects – trying and hoping to reduce the symptoms or even ‘cure’ a chronic health condition or a serious disease – when that conventional medical approach claims it ‘might’ give them a few more weeks or months to live?


Well this story makes Super Don happy, drinking more coffee may help prevent alcohol-related cirrhosis.  However, does that mean you need to drink a bunch of alcohol in order to have a problem that needs fixing?  As KC points out, if you are going to drink coffee, it needs to be clean, organic, pesticide-free, clean water, no carcinogenic filter, and not with fake milk and sugar.  So wherever you are, put down your Starbucks, and make treat yourself to some delicious home-made organic brew.

cannabis leafIn great news, a Canadian Judge stands on his soap-box about the irrelevancy of current marijuana laws, and only fines a gentleman in his court $1.30 for growing cannibus in his yard.  Could we see a turning of the tide here in North America?  Will the drug companies allow people to treat themselves with proven and natural remedies, or do we still have a way to go?

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