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Lowering Blood Pressure, Natural Pain Relief, Stephen Heuer, Ancient Egyptian Remedies, Michael Boldin Tenth Amendment Center, Stop NDAA, Nullifying Cannabis Convictions, Coast Guard Corey, Probiotic Chickens, GMO Roulette Movie, Withdrawing Consent and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 18, 2012

The Genetic Roulette Movie is out and available from now until September 22 for FREE!

The Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin is back to remind us that Constitution Day is every day! It’s time to catch up on the growing awareness of Nullification and how we can live it! Did you hear about a jury in New Hampshire nullifying a felony cannabis conviction? Michael asks the all-important question: WWRPD? What would Rosa Parks Do? What else might be on topic? Monetary inflation, drug inflation and maybe even the NDAA! Is the Obama Administration really appealing a federal court decision declaring indefinite detention unconstitutional? What’s happening on TRX radio this Wednesday evening? We’ve got your sneak preview! Become a member of the 10th Amendment Center today! and

Who would have thought that one of the Armed Forces would give the green light for regular updates on The RSB Show? Coast Guard Corey joins us with his first update from the field! Do you still watch Dancing with the Stars? Are we really in a year of consciousness? Corey Sidlo takes the healing power and unleashes it wherever he is!

Nutripath Stephen Heuer, from One World Whey, returns to discuss the news story claiming that protein supplementation can actually lower blood pressure. We’ll go beyond the headlines to explain the functional pathways that should be supported in this way. Also, since the old news media never makes mention of qualitative issues when it comes to making good choices in supplementation, we will. Also, how do you know which diet is right for you? Should you be vegetarian or primal? Does Eat Right 4 Your Type really work? What about pain? The FDA recently issued a warning about a number of OTC topical pain relieving crèmes that could give you a 2nd or 3rd degree burn! There’s another options, much safer and more effective. and Call 1-888-988-3325 to plug into this nutritional healing!

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Give Me Liberty! Please read this fantastic speech from Karen Kwiatkowski – the power to be free is yours! Your consent is your most powerful, no-violent weapon…

NH Jury is first to NULLIFY cannabis conviction!

White House, Obama Administration actually claim that it is unconstitutional for a Constitutional court to rule that the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA is unconstitutional. Got all that?

How did Mitt Romney help Monsanto to take over the world?

Ancient Egyptian Natural Remedies? Where’s the FDA time machine?

Probiotic chickens? Why are scientists mystified?

Europe bags the naked body scanners! Euroweenies are safe!

Protein supplements help to lower blood pressure! Does the study say anything about the source and quality of the protein?

FDA warns of burns from muscle and joint pain topical busters. What?

Send the FDA back to ancient Egypt to protect them from all of the dangerous herbs that they actually used as medicine!

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