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Natl Intel Council Revealed, Organic Racing Kevin 2030 Collapse Prep, Darrell Rogers ANH-USA Codex Update, Invisible HIV, Sugar Shots & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 13, 2012 Did you miss today’s show? Click here and listen now!

Where is the bulk of child endangerment and abuse coming from? The mainstream media would have you believe that the answer is parents. The truth is actually very different. The vast majority of reckless child endangerment and abuse is coming from the medical/media/government establishment. What happens if your child has cancer and you decide that you would like to use natural medicine to rebuild immunity? Minions from Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government will collude to accuse you, the parent, of being a criminal hell-bent on killing your child. Do I exaggerate? Not one bit. I have covered too many real-life stories over many years where official and unofficial stooges of the medical industrial complex wage war on parents who do not wish to see their children assaulted by chemotherapy, radiation and unwarranted surgeries. And it’s happening again in America and New Zealand. I might not even attempt to hide my disgust. Oh yeah, and I will reveal some more devastating science for those who still believe that HIV causes AIDS. It does not. Get ready for a fiery RSB Show today!

Darrell Rogers & RSB

Darrell Rogers, Campaigns and Communications Director from the Alliance for Natural Health, is back to discuss the latest threats from the U.N. Codex Alimentarius. The Codex committee emphasized that language indicating that food prevents disease is forbidden. In other words, they do not want you to know that food prevents disease! Yet, they are perfectly happy with drugs being granted monopoly status over all diseases. Why so hostile to supplements? Where is the proof of harm that food is the great danger? On the U.S. home front, the ANH is actively engaged in rolling back dietetics licensure for the very same reason. Regulations limiting the free dissemination of nutritional information are enacted for one purpose only: To protect Big Food and Big Pharma from competition! Darrell will provide for us the latest local and international updates.

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Kevin Boulton, from the Organic Racing Team, races to the RSB Show with very pointed alerts about the National Intelligence Council report predicting the collapse of America by 2030. We’ll break it down into little bite-size morsels to assist you in planning for your children’s future. In Federalist #10, it was very specifically pointed out that democracy was abhorrent to liberty. Why do leaders of both political parties tout the spread of democracy around the globe? Definitions do matter and we’ll get back to root word origin in order to help you navigate what has purposefully been made mysterious to you. Why is China buying up American companies and land? Why did the NIC report leave out mention of the G20, Agenda 21, Rio+20, OECD, the Pittsburgh Plan and more? Kevin will reveal what is in store for America. How does he know? Tune in and find out!

Comment of the Day: Regarding your show [yesterday], Brits entered “Jedi Knights” on their census forms as a protest that the Census, run by Lockheed Martin, required the inclusion of religion data, for the first time. It was an act of defiance!” – Faustie

Question of the Day: “RSB – I have a question about filtered water! We have the Berkey Light System and it’s time for new filters. However, we’ve always had trouble with our system and it gets horrible reviews. Can you recommend an ideal home water filtration system for drinking water? Big thanks in advance!” ~ Sarah Beth

RSB replies: Get one of the Structured Water Technology units.

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More news:

Measuring “Viral load” does not prove the existence of a hypothetical HIV by Etienne de Harven, M.D.

What does the National Intelligence Council say about global trends for the next 30 years? Read the full report here.

Now they are claiming that the fiscal cliff is merely a small pothole. Do you believe them?

While in for cancer treatment, the doctors amputated the child’s arm after a nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infection unrelated to the cancer. Mom who then took child from hospital to Mexico for treatment speaks out! What would you do?

More forced cancer treatment? Mom heads to New Zealand court to defend her decision to protect her child from medical treatment. Blame the parent? Medical abuse and neglect is rampant in the oncological profession.

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the mercury, aluminum and aborted fetal tissue go down? What the hell is wrong with doctors?


Did you see what the National Intelligence Council released about the future of the U.S. and geopolitics? As fast as it was released, access to the report has nearly disappeared! The only conspiracy is the desire to suppress the information revealed within the report

Think Twice Before Asking Congress for Help. Jonathan Emord explains…

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