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Mike Adams, Chic-fil-A Hegelian Dialectic, Gay/Straight Chickens, David Gerhardt Healing Revolution, EM Field Insomnia, Growth of Natural Medicine, Not-A-Doc Chris Barr, Food Grown Vitamins Revealed, Chinese Wipes Recalled, Cash for Claritin/Crestor, Fish Skin Cancer Propaganda and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 3, 2012

Do you like your chicken gay or straight? It appears that the Hegelian Dialectic has played out perfectly in driving an emotional fervor to Chic-fil-A to eat MSG and dimethylpolysiloxane sandwiches. Mike Adams joins me for some incredibly politically incorrect discussion on the subject of marriage and fast food. Special guest David Gerhardt, good friend and owner of Natural Market Place in Jasper, Georgia, pinch-hits for Dr. Frank King on the Healing Revolution today, as we talk about the growth of natural medicine in places that you would least expect to find it – pharmacies! Also, nutritional historian Christopher Barr returns to reveal more about food grown nutrition and the brands that are scamming you as pretenders. From Cash for Clunkers to Cash for Claritin and Crestor, the drug industry is desperate to keep you on drugs – including drugs parading as vitamins! Learn more at The RSB Show blog:

David Gerhardt is in for Dr. Frank King for the Healing Revolution to discuss the growth of natural medicine in the mass market pharmacy. Is this good or bad? David owns a health food store in Jasper, Georgia

Natural Market Place and has insights from every side of the natural products industry. We’ll also discuss Electromagnetic field disruptions, Lymphatic detoxification, HCG for wright loss, prescription drug weight gain, insomnia and more. What role do EM fields play in sleep disruption? Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: EMF Detox: Stress Control: Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal:

Nutritional historian and Not-A-Doc Christopher Barr returns to elaborate further on the recent NN story on food grown vitamins. There’s some information missing and out of date, so Chris fills in the gaps and gets us up to date. Where do we get our whole food nutrition? Jonathan at Choose To Be Healthy

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Synthetic vitamins cause sickness! Do you know which vitamins are really food grown?

The anti-sun propaganda is getting so desperate that they are warning us that even the fish are getting skin cancer…

How holy is a Chic-fil-A sandwich?

• monosodium glutamate (twice!)
• soybean oil
• sodium aluminum phosphate
• dimethylpolysiloxane (an anti-foaming chemical)
• high fructose corn syrup
• ammonium sulfate
• soy lecithin
• sodium benzoate
• polysorbate 80
• yellow 5
• blue 1
• potassium sorbate

Gotta love this

Cash rewards keep people on their medications

Antiseptic wipes from China are being recalled because they are actually septic…

Poor sleep hampers vaccine effectiveness?  How about vaccines hampering vaccine effectiveness?

Exercise in heart patients works as well or better than meds for depression.–finance.html

Backlash against backscatter? Is the TSA on the run yet?

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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