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Orwellian operation (war) in ISIS Syria, Thinking Mom Julie Obradovic, State Pharm drops Rob, who is anti-vaccine?, joints, Ebola cures & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show September 25, 2014 Click here to download/listen now!

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: When is war not war but merely an operation or a campaign? Was that a Bush or an Obama that speaks such fluent Orwellian? Why is it that neocons on the political right and left can’t seem to grasp the concept of the Law of the Terrain. What does it mean to arm moderate rebels? And how do we know they are actually moderate. Do they take a test? Audition? Submit a headshot? Yes, that one looks moderate. Did you see the cut of his kafia? ISIS may be a genuinely dangerous group, but who dares ask how they came to have any power to wage terroristic violence? Ask that questions and you begin to eliminate the need to live in a constant state of war, no matter what Orwellian description you care to give it. Was the Rob Schneider ad campaign for State Farm Insurance discontinued because of his belief regarding the dangers inherent in vaccination? Or was it because a small band of hateful pharma-cultists cannot stand when someone of notoriety disagrees with their injectable religious beliefs? Julie Bailey Obradovic joins us from the The Thinking Moms’ Revolution to discuss her latest article about Exactly Who Is “Anti-vaccine”? This one will really make you think! We’ve got a travel tip to share about what not to leave in your rental car when you return it. Joan London is being lauded as brave for revealing her baldhead to the world after undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. Is it really bold or irresponsibly sending the wrong message that allopathic oncology is a legitimate means to cure cancer? Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he is resigning – what did he say about medical cannabis? Nutripath Stephen Heuer returns from Synergistic Nutrition to reveal the many ways to regenerate joints, discs and connective tissue in a body ravaged with degenerative conditions. The FDA continues to operate like the mafia in defense of the medical monopoly, threatening dietary supplement manufacturers and sellers who dare to claim that there may be natural cures for Ebola. Now the FDA and FTC are ganging up on essential oils! Marlene Ivette joins us from Puerto Rico to discuss! How much money would you need to prevent chronic diseases in the state of Michigan? Super Don plans to query RSB on this $7.7 million question! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Nutripath Stephen Heuer returns from Synergistic Nutrition to reveal the many ways to regenerate joints, discs and connective tissue in a body ravaged with degenerative conditions. We’ll talk Exercise, blood supply and other aspects of the ways to start regenerating healthy new tissue right away! Including CNT Medix, KDN Medix, OST Medix, One World Whey, Collagen Protein, Synergy One, growth hormones and more!

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