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Outside the Box Ty Bollinger, Kyle Craichy beats acne, Stephen Heuer, fat loss, KC Craichy Living Fuel, precision medicine gene, MMR anger & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show January 28, 2015 Click here to download & listen now!

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: The MMR measles outbreak controversy is climbing to a fever pitch! Yesterday, we talked about the paleo cardiologist who basically said that childhood eruptive diseases are a rite of passage for children and to avoid the vaccines at all costs! As you might imagine, he was viciously attacked in the press and on the Internet, but did he back down? Not even a little. We’ll report on how he even took it up a notch to upset the pro-vaccine fanatics even more! What about the ones in Australia? The anti-free speech terrorists have apparently won this round as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny cancelled her lecture tour and vacation down under. Pro-vaccine extremists have been sabotaging the venues and have threatened to disrupt the normal business operations of the locations during the meetings. What are they afraid that Aussies might learn? We return to the heart of healing with nutripath Stephen Heuer from Synergistic Nutrition to discuss successful and safe fat loss.  RSB talks with Kyle Craichy about his new book, Face It: Winning the War on Acne. If you have ever struggled with skin conditions, you will appreciate the journey to dermal wellness that Kyle has traveled! Then we’ll go Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger as we welcome KC Craichy from Living Fuel to see through the disease management paradigm to true health care with real food nutrition! Finally, what did a doctor see in an X-ray that made him scream? Plus, what do you do if you can’t come up with a unique new baby name? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

It’s time for Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wednesday as TMB and RSB discuss the anger among those who blindly sacrifice their children on the altar of the Church of Pharmaceutical Mysticism, vaccine denomination. How often do you receive death threats for disagreements you may have with someone that you do not even know? Why does artificial injectable pseudo-immunity bring out the worst in some people? Are you prepared for a wave of lawsuits over sitting down? Now that sitting has been declared the new smoking, it’s only a matter of time before employees start suing employers for damages from sitting 8 hours a day! Then we welcome KC Craichy, founder of Living Fuel to discuss the difference between disease management and real health care! Obama’s Precision Medicine proposal has bioethicists a bit contorted. Why? Are you ready to be genetically mapped for mandatory inclusion into a genome database? What would you rather have: Mutant mosquitoes or Dengue Fever? Can you say neither? The Germ Theory is doing a number on those who value life. We’ll explain. Finally, if you can’t think up an original name for your baby-to-be, you can pay $32k to a company that will craft it for you! RSB, TMB and Super D can do it for much less than that! Have you gotten your Carnivora yet? Special thanks to Better Way Health for making Outside the Box possible! And remember the superfood of superfoods: Zija Moringa. Click here to get some and work with Ty and his team! Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include and The new book by TMB and RSB is available now! Get ready to Unlock the Power to Heal!

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) LOVE YOUR SHOW! Y’all make me laugh every morning and angry at what’s going on in our world all in the same hour! You guys are the best. Here is my question: My husband has decided to make better life choices and has stopped drinking and dipping chewing tobacco. He stopped both cold-turkey about ten days ago. He is experiencing the following: anxiety, diarrhea, heart palpitations, panic attack-type symptoms, insomnia, depression and dizziness. These symptoms come and go. Worse late afternoon and at night. He’ll have good and bad hours of the day. Visited a cardiologist and was cleared for “no heart problems.” Are these “normal” detox symptoms? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT Y’ALL DO!!! –Jill

2) Robert, A story, and a question: I recently went to my doctor for an evaluation of a skin problem I’ve been having, and as I was checking in at the front desk I was asked to sign a consent form. I began to review the form, when the receptionist told me it was just consent for them to bill my insurance company. I continued reading though, and found two disturbing paragraphs. One indicated that I consented to whatever treatment was deemed medically necessary, and the second stated that I consented to hospitalization if deemed medically necessary. There was no mention anywhere on the form of that consent involving an informed patient decision, just that ominous phrase “medically necessary.” So I refused to sign it, and insisted on speaking with the doctor. The doctor claimed it was just canned legal language written by medical attorneys and suggested that it would be harmless to sign. I asked him point blank “So where do we go if I cannot in good conscience sign that form?” He consulted with his manager, who said it was not necessary, and so then we went on to discuss the reason I had come in. It still deeply disturbs me though, for many reasons I’m sure you are picking up on. And I’m actively seeking an ND as my new personal doctor. Anyway please share this story with your listeners so they can benefit and be aware of what they are signing.

Now to the question. The doctor diagnosed me with chronic urticaria. He stated that this is basically a hyperactive histamine response for which they have no explanation and no treatment. All he could suggest we ways to mitigate the itch with cold towels, anti itch creams and antihistamine drugs. But I’d rather treat the source than just block the body’s natural response that God designed it with for a purpose. What would you recommend to help tone down this condition? Is this an adrenal problem? Also, he referred me to an allergist. What types of questions should I be prepared to ask and answer when I have that encounter? 

Short personal bio: 42, male, in good physical shape, get excellent cardio exercise 3/week, eat clean whole foods (no gmo,organic) don’t smoke and regularly take carnivora, selenium, chromium, silica and vitamin C. Only vices are a couple cups of coffee in the morning, and a glass or two of red wine in the evening.

Thank you as always for your counsel and your wisdom.

~ Jason

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