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Panache Desai, Conscious 2012, Vibrational Healing, Thyroid Cancer’s Mysterious Rise, the Heart of Gut Ecology, MS, the Golden Rule, Ron Paul Debate Highlights, Pesticide Detox and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 17, 2011

What happened in last night’s South Carolina Republican Debate? Did some of the people of SC really “boo” the Golden Rule? Can we overcome the blood lust to kill foreigners that reared its ugly head last night in Myrtle Beach? RSB explains how every candidate on the stage except Ron Paul believes that the government owns you. Did Romney actually say something that could end his candidacy? Audio clips and commentary you will hear nowhere else, coming up! Also, thyroid cancer is on the rise and doctors are baffled! RSB is not. What has gut bacteria to do with heart attacks and MS? RSB and Liam Scheff discuss medical and political realities in ways that would cause injury to pundits in the mainstream media if they tried it! Please note: Because we are compassionate, we would be there with some Arnica Montana if they asked for help. Now, on with the show…

What would you do if you were poisoned by pesticides? RSB takes a call on just such a situation. Could it be coffee enemas, selenium, and homeopathic detoxification ( Are you prepared to go it alone if you cannot afford a “natural” doctor? What if you can afford to pay for someone who can help you, but you have no access to such a healer? My dear friend Dr. Gloria Gilbere has a load of great insights and tips for anyone suffering with MCS as well ( Is there a way to achieve healing despite the many apparent obstacles to that healing? Absolutely.

What is possible for you in this year of consciousness? Panache Desai joins me to discuss the transformation that is occurring in 2012. Do we yet understand frequency and vibration as it relates to our experiences here on planet earth? Are we conditioned to conform to society as a replacement for genuine acceptance and love? Panache shares many pathways and specific techniques that you can use to achieve your life’s mission. Is it possible to achieve a state of neutrality in a seemingly un-neutral world? Get ready to dissolve fear, realize abundance and live from the fullness of your being!

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

Doctors are trying to explain the rise in thyroid cancer…

Gut bacteria has influence over the severity of heart attacks

Friendly gut bacteria may trigger MS? Bizarre, but is it true?

Ron Paul highlights from last night’s debate:

Flip-flop much Mitt? Newt? Rick? Serial hypocracy on parade:

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (01/15/12) on GCN from this past Sunday, with Bill Faloon (co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation) on the medical monopoly, Pharmocracy and more, you can still listen to it here:

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