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“Playing “Logical Fallacy Whack-A-Mole” With Orac – His Attack On Bill Posey” by Hoofnagle The Science Cat

So Orac is at it again. Yes, the poster child of Skeptic alpologists has written yet another piece of “Insolence” that is more “Ignorance” than anything else. It’s another opportunity to play “Logical Fallacy Whack-A-Mole” for yours truly. Let the whacking commence.

Once you get past all of the ususal “crank this, quack that” blather that is the customary routine of Orac, you get to a golden gem of skeptic irony that is all too familiar with our favorite Narcisscientism guru.

One of Orac’s favorite claims about the anti-vaccine crowd is the use of something called “The Shill Gambit“.

From rational wiki:

“The shill gambit is a type of ad hominem and poisoning the well wherein one party dismisses the other’s arguments by proclaiming them to be on the payroll of some agency.”

Poisoning the well (a logical fallacy) is described as:

“Poisoning the well (also called the smear tactic) is a rhetorical technique and logical fallacy that uses the association of negative emotions to distract a subject from actual evidence in an argument.”

SO it would be quite ironic to find gatekeeper of logcial fallacy detection to employ such a tactic when trying to attack an “antivaccinationist” would it not? INDEED.

From his piece attacking Bill Posey:

“My guess is that Posey is doing this as a favor for his paying supporters in the antivaccine movement”

Whoops. So Mr. Orac, are you suggesting that Bill Posey is making these statements because of financial obligation to those who are funding his campaign? Are you suggesting that money by people or organizations within the anti-vaccine movement are influencing his actions?

I say yes. There is further evidence of this by a statement in his piece where he explains that Bill Posey asked for the appropriations committee to look into this because it is chaired by

“that tool of the supplement industry, Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)”

Ah yes, so another member of congress who is making decisions and is influenced by the dollars of the supplement industry according to you.

So you see, Orac is using the same Shill Gambit that he loves to use against those he disagrees with. Orac believes that Bill Posey is a shill for the anti-vaccine movement and Jason Chaffetz is a shill for the supplement industry. This is your Poison The Well fallacy, Mr. Orac. Your standards coming back to bite you in the ass and expose you to be the two-faced hypocritical douchebag that you are.

You my friend are a shill as well.

A shill for the Self-aggrandizement that funds your campaign of Narcisscientism.

-Hoofnagle The Science Cat