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Pollution detox, cancer’s medical myths revealed, Dr. Nick Gonzalez, longevity, Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe protocols, liberals explained & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show July 18, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now.

Is the cancer industry really a scam to separate you from your money, as you get sick from the very things that global corporations sell you? Is it really a chemotherapy deficiency disease? Do you really lack ionizing radiation in your life? Is it just that you have not had enough surgery in your life? When you step back from Cancer Inc., you begin to see the economic imperative built into the war on cancer in keeping you largely ignorant of its true cause. Yes, modern medicine is a significant source of cancer on planet earth. If that offends you, they’ve got some chemo-cola with aspartame to quench your thirst. They also have an injectable delight filled with heavy metals, foreign genetic material, antibiotics and formaldehyde to calm you down. Should you be diagnosed with cancer, do you run for or from the nearest oncologist? In most cases, running from the cancer docs would be the wisest thing you could do for your survival. Oncologists are known to even tell you that you have cancer when you don’t (video linked here). Be safe. How? Stay away from doctors unless you are Humpty Dumpty and they need to put you together again. Other than that, give them a wide berth. And listen to The RSB Show.

How many millions of people die each year because of pollution? At least 2 million per year here in America, according to the latest study. Detoxification is such a fundamental concept in prevention of diseases, including cancer, as well as for recovery from existing diseases. How can you detoxify without active oxygen? Ed McCabe, Mr. Oxygen, is back to discuss the critical pathways to remove the bad guys from our bodies. We’ll also discuss the Ultimate 4. Why is RSB using OxyLift, Super OxyFlush and OxyEarth each day? Why does he reach for OxySulfur when the skies above are filled with chemtrails and other toxic pollutants?
Get ready for some very important details that bring the power to heal back to you! Ed has dedicated his life to this mission in order to assist all those ready for healing. He’s on The RSB Show to help overcome the public’s lack of knowledge about the proven safe oxygen/ozone solutions available to everyone. Even better, after 22+ more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, Mr. Oxygen, has compiled it all in book and video format, resulting in the most comprehensive Oxygen Therapy book and DVD in history, The Flood Your Body with Oxygen Series. RSB Show listeners can get the 4-DVD set for free with purchase of one bottle of Oxylift! RSB interviewed Ed at the Natural Products Association SE Expo last December and you can listen to it by clicking this link: Ed McCabe’s Oxygen and More! Show notes for that appearance are here. Call 305-933-4219 and oxygenate today!

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez returns to retire some more medical myths about the wonders of modern medicine and allopathic oncology. Are we really living longer because of vaccines and drugs? How bad is the bias in mainstream medicine? Why are more kids than ever before suffering with chronic diseases, once considered ailments of old age and adults? When criticized by ignorant doctors, Dr. Nick merely needs to say, “Go ahead; match my cases!” How rare was cancer 100 years ago? Is there more just because of better diagnostics? It’s the same argument being made to explain the rapid rise of Autism. We call BS on them. Why is pancreatic cancer on the rise and what can you do about it? What about the dangers of CT scans for kids? Is chemo really a good preventive remedy for Alzheimer’s? Get ready for commentary on the important issues of today like nowhere else in the broadcast media! Check out the review of Dr. Nick’s most recent book “What Went Wrong” and and

Questions/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi Robert, I would very much appreciate any information or recommendations you can make for a friend that has just been diagnosed with Prostate cancer by biopsy test, he is 62 years of age. The cancer is confined to the prostate. He has been told he will require surgery and radiation. He will go down the path of conventional medicine but what can he do along side this to improve his immune system and general health to cope with this intervention and give him the best fighting chance. Thank you so much in advance, Eva

2) Greetings Robert, I respect your position on all issues, except maybe there be two things that bother my ear. One is that you mention liberals too much, and I’m not sure who are liberals to you, Nancy Pelosi? Obama? Democrats? Today it is hard to put people in groups especially when we are all getting hurt the same, call us democrats, conservatives, liberals, … Just adds more to the separation of all of us, is my opinion. Thank you, Branka

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In case you missed my RSB Show Sunday broadcast (7/14/13) on GCN   Hour 1 Beyond race & time, Law of the Terrain, Detoxification & more! Hour 2 Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe counteracts toxic pollutants, Alzheimer’s, antibiotic resistance High-fructose corn syrup’s mercury, diabetes, adult diapers, polio vaccine cancer link, happy guts & more! You can download the archive here: Also, here is the iTunes feed for Sunday RSB Show broadcasts.

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