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Questioning HIV, Jon Rappoport GMO Strategies, Monsanto Occupies, NSAID G.I. Liver Dangers, Preventing Cancer Metastasis, Greenhouse Gas Drugs & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 11, 2012 Click here to listen to the mp3 of today’s broadcast.

As we have witnessed with the Ron Paul rEVOLution, college campuses are hotbed for activity where the free and opening questioning of the status quo is growing. Unless you happen to be at the University of Brighton in the UK. Why? Students there happen to be protesting vigorously against the screening of House of

Dr. Karl Cox

Numbers, the award-winning documentary film by Brent Leung. The movie dares to reveal the scientific disarray behind the scenes of global HIV/AIDS politics and economics. Critical thinking is a dangerous thing, but dangerous to whom or what? It always threatens the officials who hide behind Official Stories. It is equally troubling to a status quo that teeters on the edge of collapse as millions more come to realize that HIV does not cause AIDS and never has. The Church of HIV is crumbling. Good riddance. Maybe now we can focus on healing those with genuine immune dysfunction and collapse. Please take a moment to thank Dr. Karl Cox,, Senior Lecturer of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Brighton University for daring to allow dissent and discussion in a place that is apparently hostile to scholarly inquiry!

What else is on tap today?

  • More NSAID danger discussion to benefit your G.I. Tract.
  • Tylenol and liver failure – doubt the veracity of the link at your own risk!
  • Greenhouse gases converted to what? DuPont wants to do what? Really?
  • What is the secret to living longer?
  • Energy independence.
  • The flu shot, college kids and intelligence – any connection?
  • Statin drugs are like the Swiss Army Knife of pharmaceuticals – Why?
  • How do you prevent breast cancer metastasis?
  • GMO battle goes to court in a nation occupied by Monsanto…
  • And a whole lot more…

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Jon Rappoport returns for a hard look inward at our efforts to thwart the abominable growth of GMOs here in the U.S. and around the world. How have the political elites secured victory for the Frankenfoods thus far? Has Monsanto co-opted the forces for good in this battle? Could Monsanto have actually been the biggest support of Prop 37? What strategies must we implement to actually succeed in banning GMOs rather than merely labeling them? Can we go local while everyone else wallows in ineffectual globalism? How does it all relate to the United Nations, Codex Alimentarius, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Consumers International and other globalist organizations? Jon and RSB will not only ask the tough questions, but we’ll answer some of them as well!

Rappoport is the author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.  Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.  You can sign up  for his free emails at

Question/Comment of the Day: “What’s the #1 reason people check into the emergency room for liver failure? NSAIDS such as Tylenol. Who would possibly claim that NSAIDS are good for the liver? Incredible.”
“You have credible evidence to support your claim? I am a nurse and I have worked in multiple ERs and ICUs. I am fully aware that the testimony of a single nurse is anecdotal, but I have serious doubts of the veracity of your claim. Almost 100% of the liver problems that I have been exposed to were from years of chronic alcohol/narcotic abuse. In over 20yrs in the medical field, I have seen TWO Tylenol ER cases, and both were from intentional overdoses.” ~ Kevin Rusnak

RSB Answers: “Acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of liver failure and the leading cause of death from liver failure in the U.S. Overdoses accounted for 56,000 hospital emergency room visits and were linked to an average of 458 deaths annually during the 1990s, according to FDA data.” – appeared in many news stories when numbers became apparent –

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More news:

Critical thinking allowed at the University of Brighton, UK? Not really, as students protest the proposed screening of the documentary film “House of Numbers.” Why? It reveals the shaky foundation (understatement) of the HIV causation hypothesis of AIDS…

Are college kids really 20% smarter than the general American public?

Food safety? Food Sovereignty? Food freedom? Not in a nation occupied by Monsanto. Good luck with that Supreme Court…

Swiss Army Statins? How many claims for cholesterol-lowering medication that are not cholesterol-lowering can they come up with?

What’s the secret to living longer? Breathe what kind of air?

Did you know that painkillers before exercise are bad for the gut? I suppose that means they are good for you after exercise? Not.

What if you could turn your waste product into gold? That’s what DuPont wants to do with its stockpile of fluoroform. But whatever will they turn it into?

Only if deception can be perfected. See DuPont and Monsanto.

Did you see what the National Intelligence Council released about the future of the U.S. and geopolitics? As fast as it was released, access to the report has nearly disappeared! The only conspiracy is the desire to suppress the information revealed within the report

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