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Rand Paul’s Executive Branch Drone Filibuster, Save Baby Rico, Terry Michael, Liam Scheff Talks HIV Test Fallacies, NIAID Crimes & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show March 7, 2013 Did you miss the show today? No worries! Click here to listen now.

Thirteen hours later, Senator Rand Paul ended his filibuster of Brennan’s nomination vote over the issue of whether the Executive Branch (in this case, Barack Obama) believes it has the Constitutional authority to assassinate Americans on American soil (much less anywhere else) by declaring them terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. Only one Democrat, Sen. Ron Wyden supported his efforts to get the Obama Administration to answer the question seriously and specifically. How far have we strayed from defending the principles of life, liberty and property that only 15 of 100 senators bothered to support something that goes back to the Magna Carta? Then again, we have become a nation of wimps and wussies that would allow doctors to kidnap and drug children on the basis that they may have a retrovirus that can’t even be detected by the FDA approved tests that bear its name. By the way, even the test inserts indicated that that HIV tests couldn’t be used to confirm the presence or absence of HIV, nor be used to confirm a diagnosis of AIDS. So, we are a people willingly deceived by the priest craft in the Church of Biological Mysticism, who are willing to tolerate drones raining down on innocent women and children, whether they be in the guise of Hellfire missiles or syringes filled with AZT and Nevirapine. How far we have strayed from defense of life.

Save Baby Rico! Lindsey Nagel’s baby boy is still in state custody, being drugged and poisoned because of the inevitable result of a cross-reactive non-specific antibody marker test that has no standards. While mainstream media reports that a child has gone HIV negative after a questionable drug cocktail, the facts surrounding the claim lack genuine scientific validation. Liam Scheff and Terry Michael join RSB today for a very important discussion. See below and learn why every baby in America would test positive for HIV:

Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, MD, MBA (Harvard Med School-educated OBGYN) and author of “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire”

  1. 80% of babies born HIV+ are HIV- by 18 months–spontaneously.This is not because they have been cured, but because the passive immunity that they receive at birth through the placenta and breast milk if breast fed is subsiding and the immune system is beginning to mature. Even the CDC knows this and has stated so on its web site. Because all successful pregnancies are shifted toward Th2, humoral immunity–all babies are born with a Th2 shift and elevated antibodies. Before the age of AIDS idiocy, this was known to be a good thing.
  2. This is also why the HIV antibody test is not used in infants—however the VL also cannot be used to diagnose and so in essence there is no diagnosis of infants–clearly the baby did not have the S.  So what the baby was cured of is a test that diagnoses nothing? (You can’t argue with stupid!)
  3. The placenta is full of what are called ‘HERVS’ which may have the same DNA fingerprint of the so-called “HIV DNA”. In other words, the VL test is also worthless in infants. This baby was not “cured”; it was given mutagenic and carcinogenic drugs for a wrong diagnosis.

Dr. Henry Bauer, PhD, author of “The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory” – From my HIV/AIDS book

  • Most pertinent, p. 172 – Babies test HIV-positive often enough, and 75-90 percent of them revert to negative before their teens (Tables 25, 26, 27, Figure 2).
  • p.86 – The same study noted high F(HIV) among antenatal and postpartum women, again concordant with HIV-positive as marking physiological stress. Beyond that, a large percentage of HIV-positive babies had HIV-negative mothers, a direct indication that HIV-positive does not mean “infection” with “HIV”
  • p. 99 – and thereabouts: the variation of average F(HIV) with age; male babies more often HIV+ than female babies
  • p. 130  Thus antiretroviral medications constitute a most non-selective and toxic chemotherapy. To expectations based on their known toxicity, Duesberg adds actual evidence: mortality among HIV-positive hemophiliacs increased sharply after they began to be treated with antiretroviral medications; HIV-free animals given these drugs experienced weight loss, depletion of T-cells, and other symptoms typical of AIDS; HIV-free human babies, treated because their mothers were HIV-positive, experienced fever, pneumonia, anemia, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

To: Kathy Stover, NIAID/NIH public affairs, 301/402-1663,
cc: Dr. David Brown, The Washington Post     bcc: others

Terry Michael


I am writing to ask your assistance in obtaining more facts descriptive of the mother of the HIV baby purported “cure.”

As I have been reading Dr. Fauci’s quotes since Sunday, I see him walking back (at least a little) enthusiasm that he expressed to the AP Sunday:

“You could call this about as close to a cure, if not a cure, that we’ve seen,” Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who is familiar with the findings, told The Associated Press.

Reuters Monday:

Fauci said it is not time to change treatment protocols for infants who are born infected. “It’s a single case. We’ve got to be careful about that.”

But whether or not he is back-tracking, the public deserves the right to know more details about this case, including more about the mother and the attending physician. Different demographic and “risk group” characteristics–race, poverty, drug use, sexual promiscuity–all bear on how likely the mother’s blood tests constitute a “true positive,” let alone whether the child was just presenting with its mother’s antibodies rather than an active pathogen.

Liam Scheff

For example, the CDC says…
….African American women are twenty times more likely to test “positive” — which raises the compelling questions, “What does ‘positive’ mean if a black woman gets a reactive result from a test that is supposed to mean she carries a sexually or intravenously transmitted pathogen?  Do black women have 20x the sex of white women, do they uses 20x the IV drugs, or are the proteins that light up her Elisa or Western Blot really from cross reactivity?”

There could be a case for a possible malpractice action against the physician in Mississippi. So I am asking, was there “informed consent” given by the mother to use this radical procedure, feeding a day-old infant a therapeutically level high dose of chemotherapy, that has well assessed adverse effects?  I have seen absolutely nothing on the question of informed consent from media accounts.

ALSO, where is the peer reviewed scientific paper on this “study” funded with taxpayer money?  So far, all I have been able to find is an abstract…
…of a presentation that seems to have been made just orally Monday morning in Atlanta at the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Infections.  For something this media-hyped, doesn’t the public at least deserve a formal paper on the findings?  Or is this just science-by-press-release?

Since the study of this case was carried out with taxpayer money, the public deserves answers to these questions. In fact, the mother of this child deserves answers to those questions.

I look forward to receiving the information requested above.

Thank you, and regards,
–Terry Michael

P.S. I am copying the health reporter for NIAID/NIH’s “hometown paper,” David Brown. I am also “blind copying” a number of others, some who would probably share my request for this information, and others who I just thought might be interested. (I will leave it up to them as to whether they would like to join me in this request.)

Another amazing “finding” at the “cure” conference in Atlanta:
Black gay men run higher risk of HIV infection despite fewer partners

And this additional brilliance on HIV and heart attacks…
Study: HIV linked to greater risk of heart attacks
[My friend Paul, in New York, was told by his HIV specialist that his heart attack 3 years ago (following his stroke the year before that) was “from his HIV.”  His “specialist” has been feeding him the chemo for 15 years! –Terry

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