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Remembering Dr. Mayer Eisenstein This Year at Autism One

It was one year ago when we last saw Dr. Mayer Eisenstein at Autism One. This year as we continue to spread his message in Chicago, we want to take a moment and remember his life and legacy.

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein was a friend to those who cherish health freedom, healing liberty and the right to say no to vaccines. He bubbled over with love, joy and gratitude.

For those of us left behind, we shall endeavor to carry on with mission and purpose, protecting those most vulnerable from the dangerous lies perpetrated by the AMA, CDC, FDA, WHO, AAP and any other group who deems it legitimate to experiment on babies and children with toxic poisons under the guise of protecting them.

I am grateful to have called him friend. Heaven just got a little brighter. – Robert Scott Bell


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