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Robin Williams, Dr-assisted suicide, Ebola, nano silver cures, secret serum, antibiotic search, Andrew Demeter TeenTake, car hacks & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 17, 2014 Click here to download and listen now!

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EDT: Was Robin Williams death the result of doctor-assisted suicide? RSB discusses evidence that indicates the tragic loss of Robin Williams may be iatrogenic (caused by doctors) due to Parkinson’s drugs. Rob Schneider agrees. Are we inviting an enemy of the state on the show? How will the old media handle such pharmaceutically-threatening revelations? What about the new media? Andrew Demeter is a sociopolitical and investigative reporter who challenges the status quo. He also happens to be a teenager. What does he think he is doing trying to start up a youth news network? We’ll ask him! Also, could instant boodles hurt your heart? Did the Torrance Memorial Health Association really list homosexuality as a chronic condition? We’ve got some major Ebola updates! The secret serum in Liberia is not so secret anymore! Can nanosilver cure it? How dangerous are the allopathic drug treatments? We’ll cover some extreme medicine as well. You’ll never guess where the search for new antibiotics is taking scientists!  Did you know that giving babies antibiotics might lead to obesity later in life? In the search for life hacks, are you driving a vehicle most vulnerable to hack attacks? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Question/Comments of the Day: Dear Robert, 
I am a 27 and I was diagnosed with left-side ulcerative colitis in 12/06. In late 2012 I started having symptoms of what felt like a bad flare but after many tests that showed the UC was not fully active – Drs said it was IBS. In March 2013 I somehow got C-Diff. As my symptoms did not improve – through colonoscopy in May I found out that the disease spread to the entire colon with severe activity. They started me on 40mg of prednisone and Remicade. My body rejected Remicade and stopped that in Feb. Got a Lupoid reaction while trying Simpone and 50mg of 6mp – Dr. stopped Simpone. I am now still on 6mp, 6 Asacol HD per day, I am steroid dependent – on 30mg right now tapering from 60mg. Taking amitriptyline at night for the IBS. Since it has been over 15 months on different levels of the prednisone, my Dr wants me off it. But every time I get down to less than 10mg I flare badly. My insurance wont pay for the newest and my last option drug. So the next obvious option for me is to have the surgery. I started your silver hydrosol and aloe protocol 3 days ago – desperate to try anything before having my entire colon removed. My questions for you… On day 2, I had increased BM frequency, (1) how do I know if this is due to the die off of bacteria or if it is aggravating the UC?
I take it as directed – 1Tbs of each 30 minutes before eat main meal. I am also trying 1,000mg of pure msm, 400mcg of Solenium, Iv been taking Bone Strength and extra vitamin D.
(2) I am having trouble figuring out what brand/type of probiotic to buy. Any suggestions?
(3) After the 2 weeks, what do I do?
(4) As I am still on the prednisone, 6mp, asacol hd and amitripaline – will being on all this affect the efficiency of this protocol? Do they all interact ok together? I have been really dizzy and am prone to fainting lately, so I am worried about how everything interact with each other.
(5) How do I know that the probiotics are reaching the large intestine? I have tried probiotics in the past with no results, if anything I felt worse. I read a lot about how they don’t survive stomach acid and if they do they don’t make it to the colon anyway. Would you suggest supplementing with inulin & oligofructose?
This is my last shot before surgery, so I need to make sure I do this right. Please help!! I am desperate! Thank you so much in advance! ~ Marisa

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