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Serving the United States of Venezuela? They Dare Not Call it Freedom

Headline: When did the idea of freedom become a political orphan? You will scour the presidential nominees’ acceptance speeches in vain for any hint that your life is rightfully your own, to be lived in accordance with your beliefs and desires and no one else’s.

How did the Tribune allow Steve Chapman publish his observations on the lack of liberty at both the RNC and DNC? Was somebody asleep at the editorial board? I guess some people really are paying attention.

It’s sad, I know, but both parties are now testaments to the worship of the state before acknowledgment of the self. America was not founded in order that the state might usurp the sovereignty of the people in pursuit of empire and an ever-growing welfare-dependent citizenry.

Just as the enemies of liberty are, the “empire” of which our Founders warned us is both foreign and domestic. A welfare state is evidence of government’s domestic empire over We the People. What is Barack’s perspective on America’s promise from the DNC point of view?

The “essence of America’s promise,” Obama declared in Denver, is “individual responsibility and mutual responsibility…

Where is individual liberty in this equation? It sounds like he would like to roll us down a collectivist hill littered with “mutual” responsibility signs. Would John McCain do any better with the viewpoint at the RNC? Check out their daily themes:

This year’s Republican National Convention’s Monday had “Serving a Cause Greater than Self.” Tuesday was “Service,” Wednesday was “Reform” and Thursday was “Peace.”

The first two days, incredibly, were devoted to sacrificing yourself to the state. John-boy, could you not find even one day to devote to liberty? Is fascism the new codeword for “freedom”? Did they even mention the Constitution at the RNC? Where have all the small government Republicans gone?

Actually, I know. They were across the river in Minneapolis at the Rally for the Republic hosted by the Campaign for Liberty (click the link and maybe you could be the 100,000th member). At least some Americans still believe in freedom and understand that its main obstacle to full expression is government. Anarchy it is not. I merely reference the vision of the Founders of this country and what they left to their posterity.

The current “leadership” of both major parties behave as if liberty is compatible with spying on Americans and maybe even allowing them to keep a percentage of what they earn each year. Does the federal government own you and the fruits of your labor? In most dictionaries, that reality is tantamount to slavery.

In “John Obama’s” playbook, that’s just “mutual responsibility” and “serving a cause greater than the self.” Who remembers that we were founded to be a constitutional republic and NOT a democracy, much less a fascist or socialist nation? Do we even learn from history? A vote for evil empire Democrats and Republicans is a vote for slavery. How can a man (or woman) vote for his (or her) own enslavement?

I suppose that is only possible in a “free” country, when the people do not even know that they are in an unconstitutional cage. This is why I speak of nutrition every week on my radio show. A nutritionally deficient, drug-dependent population is much easier to control and manipulate than a healthy one. Our constitutional-deficiency disease is made possible by the lack of nutrients in our food.

Radical? No. Putting fluoride in the water is radical.

Voting for “change” that is really more of the same is evidence of immaturity at the very least, and insanity if immaturity is ruled out. If you believe that you have no choice in this election because it’s only John and Barack, then you’ve made my point about slavery. Slaves have no choice. A free people ALWAYS have a choice.

Did I hear that the federal government just nationalized half of the mortgage industry yesterday? What do they call it when a strong central government takes over private industry? Venezuela? Nope.

Welcome to the new and improved “U.S.A. Incorporated.” They dare not call it freedom. This is your country on drugs. FDA-approved drugs to be precise. Unplug. Join the Campaign for Liberty.