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Silver-coated meds, ear infection, David Steinman, America’s FDA danger, Liam Scheff, Russell Brand parts Mika’s MSNBC curtain, peak oil & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show June 20, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now.

Antibiotic resistance is apparently not futile. Pharmaceutical companies are betting their future antimicrobial drugs in silver. Seriously. They are adding silver into their medicines to make them work again. Never mind that the silver is pulling all the weight and can do so without the antibiotics. Longtime listeners of The RSB Show already know this because this move was revealed a few years ago, but the old media is just now reporting it. What does this mean? How can you raise your kids without antibiotics? RSB will reveal the many ways today on the air! Quick, berfore your child is one of the 70% of Americans now on prescription medication!

Russell Brand embarrasses idiots on television! Breaking News! Brzezinski daughter’s curtain is cracked! Will Zbig’s daughter survive the humor holocaust? We’re checking Mika’s oil on this segment of the RSB show – because Liam Scheff is in the house, obsessing, as always, over petroleum – that’s “Oil, gas and economies” to you and me.

What does Zbig know about oil that we don’t? We’ll talk about the realities of petrol-produced food, calories, populations and societies. Does the government know that you know that it knows that it’s lying? Chances are — yes, yes, it does. But now the FBI director admits it is using drones to spy on…YOU!

David Steinman

In the second hour, David Steinman joins us from Healthy Living Magazine to talk about the latest issue, including an article by RSB about ear infections. Were you raised on antibiotics? Are there any other options? Absolutely. We’ll talk about some of them. What is the power of fever? Can silver help with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)? How might that be working? Will David turn the tables on RSB and interview him about all these issues?

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