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Special Guest Host Liam Scheff Today on The Robert Scott Bell Show December 30, 2011

Happy Friday! Liam Scheff is sitting in for the vacationing Robert Scott Bell on the last show in 2011. We’ll jumps into movies, politics and the ‘racist’ Congressman, Ron Paul!
First, a movie to miss – “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” a 9/11 centered drama featuring Tom Hanks. Will it tell the truth?
We’ll revisit “Charlie Wilson’s War,” a Hanks-produced bio-picture of Congressman “Good Time Charlie” Wilson, who got hundreds of millions of US tax dollars given the Afghan rebels for weapons to fight the Soviets. The same rebels who became the people we’ve been at war with for 10 years – the people blamed (artificially) for 9/11.
Then onto Ron Paul – racist! Or is he? We’ll hear the man out, in his own words. Super Producer Don Naylor sits in for the Ron Paul review, and for news of the week. Weight loss is bad for falls, but good for those who do the falling? It’s our moment of duh! Plus, we learn something about school days from Norway.
And if he calls in, we’ll get an update from the man himself – swimming with the dolphins – Robert! He’ll call in from an undisclosed location somewhere deep in sunny vacationland, to tell us about the life unplugged….

ENCORE! – Dr. Frank King joins RSB to discuss the real causes and cures for asthma. What about adrenal burnout? OK, that too. Simple ways to cleanse and restore metabolic function and integrity are yours on today’s Healing Revolution! and Asthma Symptom Relief: and Total Body Detox: and Family Wellness Kit: download the PHA & PHH forms below to help you identify issues that may be addressed with our homeopathic formulas.

So, come join the party, kick your feet in the sand, and join us on the Robert Scott Bell show.
Some experts say research that made a flu virus even more dangerous shouldn’t have been done. Don and Liam hash this one out
Charlie Wilson’s War – the Un-Hollywood version:
Ron Paul videos
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