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Special remote broadcast from Autism One, Olive Kaiser M.O.M., gluten syndrome, celiac, Tanner’s Dad Tim Welsh US of Autism & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show May 23, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now.

Please join me for this special remote broadcast from Autism One in Chicago!  Special thanks to Sovereign Silver! Special thanks to One World Whey! Special thanks to King Bio! Word on the street is that the CDC is disappointed with our health behaviors. Really? I am disappointed with the CDC for not including vaccination in its list of bad health behaviors. This week on The RSB Show, the CDC is not going to approve much of what we say and do, but if you listen, you’ll be healthier for it. The power to heal is yours!

Olive Kaiser, M.O.M. joins us at Autism One to discuss Gluten Insensitivity, Celiac and the many misunderstandings standing in the way of proper identification and healing. The Gluten Syndrome website contrasts diverse perspectives of the Gluten Syndrome, it’s best known subset, celiac disease, and related food reactivities. Most gluten information is published by medical centers, support organizations or food vendors.  A few websites and patient forums represent the largest laboratory of all, i.e. the gluten syndrome community at home, school, work, play or church. Each resource provides balance in your search for information. It is patient owned, family supported, and reports the state of the gluten syndrome community from a patient perspective. It is the aftermath of our 22 year old daughter’s serious reaction to a gluten challenge*in 2003. The research and information we found as we pieced together the “whys” of this avoidable incident is the information we share here.  We hope these perspectives help others wisely manage their diagnosis process, enjoy improved health, and avoid the pitfalls and misperceptions we encountered.

New York, NY, April 8th, 2013Tanner’s Dad Tim Welsh drops by to discuss The US of Autism. The autism movement took another bite out of the Big Apple this past Friday night as the long anticipated film “The United States of Autism” played to a sold out commercial theater in New York City during the first days of Autism Awareness Month. With an enormous grass roots campaign the independent film is now set to begin a 40+ city run in major theaters around the country, and talks are underway on how to bring the film overseas.

The film follows Richard Everts’ 11,000 mile, 40 day journey across America to visit twenty families and individuals living with autism.  Interviewees come from a broad cultural spectrum from Mormon to Muslim and Hispanic to Chinese.  Each person shows how autism has shaped their world and, in many cases, made them stronger.  What Everts learns along the way changes not only his life, but the lives of those he meets, forever.

The United States of Autism donates 25% of net proceeds from each screening to a local family/individual/organization in the communities. For more information on hosting or to request a screening, go to

This week is Autism One in Chicago May 22-26; and Health Freedom Expo June 7-9 in Schaumberg, Illinois. Are you ready to rock the health world with me? You may need some thyroid assistance before it’s all done! The Question of the Day relates to endocrine dysfunction, so we’ll probably start there…

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Saturday, May 25, 2013, Marches are already planned in hundreds of cities across the planet. Click here to find the march nearest you. Or, if you wish, start your own March Against Monsanto in your local town. Click here to get started. The official page of this event is: And the Facebook page for the March Against Monsanto is found at:

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RSB, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and many others will be at the Autism One conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 22-26, 2013. Hope to see you there!

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