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Stephen Rogers, Shen-trition, Pink Slime Slips, Medical Journal Drug Bias, Factory-Farmed Chicken UTI Remedies, Proctor & Gamble’s New Chapter, Raw Milk Activist Victories and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 22, 2012

Shall we start with some good news? RSB and Super Don will cover 7 recent victories for raw milk activists. Yes, despite loads of negativity out there in the old media, we really are winning! What’s up with chickens causing UTI’s? What do you do now that New Chapter has been gobbled up by Proctor & Gamble? Is there bias in the medical journals in favor of getting new drugs approved even if they don’t work? Sounds like there may be a Moment of Duh in our future. Plus, more revelations about antipsychotic drugs that do not work – but at least they are FDA approved… Want more semi-good news? The supermarket giant Safeway pulls pink slime from its meat counter, but only after it sells through. Don’t worry, your kids will still be able to eat it at government schools…

Although we’ve got a lot of work to do to spread the good healing word, there are unsung heroes out there doing a great job of sharing the message. One of them I met recently at

Stephen D. Rogers

the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California. Stephen D. Rogers has an incredible story to tell, hard won healing knowledge, sometimes only won by experiencing incredible self-inflicted hardships. The old saying that “whatever does not kill you can make you stronger (and wiser)” definitely applies to Stephen. Will talk healing on many levels as he reveals Shen Life’s aim to fully integrate our spiritual nature with the mental, emotional, physical, and external dimensions of life. It does so through a unique educational framework that covers all areas of our experience. Healing is but one of the benefits from engaging in this system; most important, is the awareness gained that we have much more control over the mind-body and the direction of our lives than we ever thought possible. Where attention goes, energy flows. We’ll talk about the distinction between natural and holistic medicine, consciousness in healing, and reintegration for complete recovery, creativity, imagination and living life to the fullest!

Stephen developed ShenTrition, a unique herbal-superfood formula with 39 ingredients that are a combination of whole foods, greens, seaweeds, adaptogenic herbs, and energy tonics. It’s primary focus is to enhance the life force or bio-energy of the body-mind system. Life force is the key to integrating our spiritual nature with the body. It helped RSB get through his incredible pace and responsibilities at the Health Freedom Expo! and and or you can call 1-866-497-7436 for more information. Did you know that your body is a reality generating organ? How cool is that! For any listeners who want to shop for ShenTrition, use coupon code “RSB” for a 10% savings!

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Other stories we cover on The RSB Show today:

New Chapter sells out to global corporate elite, P & G… RSB chimes in…

Safeway slime or pink slime from Safeway? It’s no more! Public pressure on large corporation is causing them to dump it. Bad news for public school kids though…

Factory farmed chickens now causing urinary tract infections? Why am I not surprised? Here are some remedies RSB will mention on today’s show for UTI’s: Cranberry extract, d-mannose, silver hydrosol, San Helios Bladder Caps, Dandelion, Goldenseal, Homeopathic Hydrastis Canadensis, Bryonia alba, Nux vomica, Cantharis, Mercurius cyanatus, Pareira brava…

Great news! Seven recent victories for Raw Milk activists! Watch the recent raw milk debate at Harvard here:

Could there be medical bias that exaggerates drugs’ effectiveness in the scientific journals? Look out; this could be today’s Moment of Duh!

Ooops! Some antipsychotic drugs may be less effective than thought, study says Eight drugs used to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses may not work as well as doctors think they do…

It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now! I downloaded the Vaccine seminar a couple of weeks ago, and I am about 90% thru it. I will be going over it the second time with my wife very soon. Great work! I was wanting a more cogent and hard hitting approach, but as I listened and considered what you were doing, I think it is genius! So many are unaware, and have not any understanding of these things; They need time to process the vast amount of information. Not to mention what you two took so great care in doing to transition people from vaccine delusion, to vaccine truth. – John Barker

This Saturday! Will you be near Raleigh, North Carolina on March 24, 2012? You can meet RSB at the Raleigh Rally for Ron Paul and Freedom Fest!

Next Saturday! What do you do when you realize that federal permission is not required? You go to the 10the Amendment Center’s Nullify Now” Conference in Philadelphia on March 31, 2012!

Do you know where you are going to be June 29-30, 2012? How about New York City for Alive New York 2012?

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