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Superstorm Sandy Dwarfed by FDA Attacks on Health Freedom, Incredible ‘Short of War’ Congress, Flu Shot for Hearts and More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show October 30, 2012

Our heartfelt prayers go out to all those affected by Superstorm Sandy. May you stay safe and able to help those truly in need. As powerful as nature can be in destroying and recreating, there is another manmade disaster that continues to do economic harm and great damage the people of the U.S. Do you live in America and still believe it to be a free country? Try and tell the truth about an herb or dietary supplement that you are selling and you will quickly discover how NOT FREE you really are.

Rev. Truman Berst

The FDA is one of the staunchest enemies of freedom from within. Don’t believe me? Just try to speak the truth about the healing properties of herbs that you may grow and sell. Who’s the latest recipient of Taxpayer funded attacks on our fellow Americans? Rev. Truman Berst is bearing the brunt of a full-on assault from the Fear and Death Administration. What can you do to help before they come after all of us?

ALTERNATIVE Health & Herbs REMEDIES, 425 SE Jackson Street, Albany, OR 97321
Orders: 1-800-345-4152, Free Consultations: 1-541-791-8400,  FAX 1-541-791-8401, Click here for the FDA Press Release. Click here for Truman’s appeal. Dr. Berst has dedicated his life to Good Shepherd Ministries, researching natural health remedies, making herbal medicine, and giving information to public in the form of classes, consultations, and radio and TV.

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) with your questions or comments!

Listener questions of the day: [I read an article] that ANY gluten is bad for us to eat. I love to eat oatmeal, homemade waffles w/barley, whole-wheat toast, rice. It says there are a lot of people undiagnosed with celiac disease. I have never tried to find out if I have it or not. This article is scary. So even if we eat whole grains (not processed)…still not good for us???? Crap, what CAN we eat????? I’d be very interested to find out what you have to say about this article. I enjoy your conversations with Jerry Doyle on his radio show.” ~ April

“I heard you this week on either Coast-to-Coast or Jerry Doyle out of WPGB, Pittsburgh.  I’m a conservative talk junkie.  ???  My son is 24, has herniated disc L4-L5, and herniated ‘phantom?’ disc.  Surgeon is talking fusion.  Any good alternatives?” ~ Thanks, Mickey Geisel

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Be careful if you think that pharmaceutical drugs can help you get a good night’s sleep. It might also bring on an early eternal celestial dirt nap…

Ladies, doing this will make you live longer. What is it? It’s today’s Moment of Duh…

Since the flu vaccine does not protect against the flu, how ever will they sell it? I know, let’s call it a heart attack vaccine!

Can’t be bothered to take the flu shot each year? How about one that actually lasts for a while longer? That’s the dream of vaccine-promoters…

When can you drop a bomb on a sovereign nation and it not be tantamount to an act of war? Let’s ask Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)…

I wonder what Professor George Carlin thinks of the Germ Theory…

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