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Systemic overuse of Antibiotics & the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, RSB question-athon, Charlie Sheen’s diagnosis & the Truth Behind HIV/AIDS!

Tuesday November 16th 2015 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM ET  Click here to download Hour 1. Click here to download Hour 2.

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EDTWhen patients and doctors share in decisions about antibiotics for respiratory infections, fewer antibiotics are prescribed – and that’s a good thing, according to researchers who reviewed the subject. Over-prescription of antibiotics for conditions that do not require them exposes more bacteria to the drugs and speeds resistant mutations – making the drugs less effective when they are actually needed. Children’s health is suffering due to the excessive use of antibiotics in farm animals, according to a new report. Kids are becoming infected with bacteria that are resistant to treatment with the same antibiotics that are commonly used in raising farm animals, and it is difficult to treat children who are infected with the drug-resistant bacteria“Children can come into contact with these organisms that are resistant, and if that contact results in an infection, then those infections are extremely difficult to treat,” said the report’s lead author, Dr. Jerome A. Paulson, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ immediate past chairman of the executive committee of the Council on Environmental Health. Adding antibiotics to the feed of healthy farm animals can make them grow faster on less food, the report said. However, it also may lead bacteria in the animals to change, and become resistant to these antibiotics, researchers said. If people become infected with these bacteria, antibiotics are ineffective in treating the infection. Also don’t miss the RSB question-athon, as he spends the rest of the hour answering concerns and quires from the fans that make this show happen!

In Hour 2 RSB will tackle the subject of Charlie Sheen. He said what? The headlines reflect an admission of a major status shift. He’s got the new Scarlet Letter: HIV+. But what does that really mean? Did he catch something? Did he transmit something? Or is the whole HIV testing paradigm built on a foundation of pharmaceutical fraud? RSB and Liam Scheff (author of Official Stories) will declare HIV status null and void, but only if you want to live. As Liam says, “We’re all instructed that serious people do not talk about sex.” But this only stops us from understanding a vast portion of ourselves. It also prevents an adult discussion of the real dangers of indiscriminate relations: STDs that are real and routinely treated with broad-spectrum gut bombs (antibiotics). What is the result of destroying the gut and the liver with FDA approved medication? Lo and behold, the symptoms are indeterminate from what HIV-religionists call AIDS.

Immune deficiency is not evidence of antiretroviral drug deficiencies. Suppression of physiological mechanisms that would normally restore health is the primary dogma of allopathic medicine in all its trappings. In the era of drug company PR campaigns, it is not enough to suppress the immune system of those who have been branded HIV+, but now anyone who may be intimately connected should also be suppressed.  Do we exaggerate? Not even a little. Read the following from an article in USA Today 11/17/15:

The partners of people with HIV have another way to stay healthy. They can take anti-AIDS medications themselves, a regimen called pre-exposure prophylaxis, which has been shown in clinical trials to dramatically reduce their risk of becoming infected. 

What kind of crazy disease construct puts otherwise healthy people of chemotherapy to keep them healthy? The same one that insists that chemotherapy is the only way to salvation once you take a magic test with no standard and come up positive. Did the test determine it? From Mike Adams: “The scientific tests are wildly unreliable and can be falsely triggered positive by blood proteins caused by pregnancy, allergies or even vaccines, says Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories. (See chapter 6 for details on the AIDS industry.)” “HIV tests are based on behavior profiling, not reproducible scientific analysis,” Scheff told me in a interview. His words echo the conclusion of the film House of Numbers in which HIV tests are shown to be routinely determined largely by behavioral factors rather than reliable scientific tests of viral specimens.” Perhaps Charlie Sheen should contact Clark Baker and the OMSJ for another perspective. Greetings to all of our Hollywood celebrity friends! Have you played the new game, “6 Degrees of Charlie Sheen”? All this and more!


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As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours!

Question of The Day:
1) I just read a blurb about zeolites from your radio show. The answer may be there in the actual interview with Mike Adams, but between now and whenever I get a chance to listen to it, is there anything out there for chelating mercury reliably for anyone who doesn’t have access to Meyers’ Cocktails? ~Michael Freed

2) Hi Lori Harvey said you would possibility be able to help me to which detox program would help my kids I have a 51/2 year old daughter and a 14 month old son and she’s had all her vaccines and him I stopped at the 1 year he’s missing two of them but I have decided to be anti vacc. If you can please guide me down the detox road for them would be greatly appreciated thank you. ~Anjel

3) Dear Robert, Can CBD oil be helpful for lung cancer? If so, what product would you recommend and what dosage? I am enquiring for a person who has been given a terminal diagnosis and is not being offered any treatment. He is on pain killers (including opium) so does he need to be careful about drug interactions with CBD? You have helped me on many occasions in the past by answering my questions and I thank you so much for that. Wishing you my very best wishes. ~Lisa

4) Can you tell me if we should be using both an Eco Water system and the Berkey Water Filter? I assume by their ads that they do not do the same thing Echo adds hydrogen while Berkey merely filter? Thank you for clearing this up for me. Now maybe I can make a choice. ~Louise

5) Hello Robert, I listen to your show daily. I appreciate and utilize much of the information you and your quests impart. My concern is some of the advertising that is played during your show. For example, e-cig commercials. Has anyone tested the safety of this product? I understand to a point you and the rest of your staff need to earn a paycheck. Is there another way to bring in income? However, if your promoting health, lets do just that. Is this a case of the three sided coin? Cheers, ~Janet

6) Robert, How about a segment on the appendix. Just went through “acute appendicitis” which was resolved with IV antibiotics instead of surgery, thankfully the OR’s were backed up and the surgeon after hearing how clean my diet I was offered the non-surgical option and went under observation. It seems to have worked out. Is there anything I can do to keep from having the appendix inflame again, would there have been any other alternative to antibiotics. Also note had to have a CT scan to give docs a view of what was going on which I expect helped them see better what was going on. Listening for your comments. Thanks, ~Tom

7) Can you tell me if we should be using both an Echo Water system and the Berkey Water Filter? I assume by their ads that they do not do the same thing Echo adds hydrogen while Berkey merely filter? Thank you for clearing this up for me. Now maybe I can make a choice. ~Louise 

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