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Tangerine Bolen, Stop Obama’s NDAA Indefinite Detention, Revolution Truth, Coast Guard Corey Priorities, Randall Moore on Mercury Tooth Filling Dangers Film, Alzheimer’s, Mitch Booth Love Whole Foods, Gut Health, Restoring Immunity, Military War on Fat Kids, Acne Virus Cream and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 26, 2012

The NDAA’s indefinite detention provision is a real thorn in the side of the Obama Administration as a ragtag group of transpartisan freedom mercenaries uses the Federal Court system to overturn it. Why is Obama fighting FOR something he claims to be AGAINST? Tangerine Bolen, from Revolution Truth and returns with a crucial update on the case that could determine whether you live in a country where the government can imprison you indefinitely without charge. and Listen to NZ radio interview Chris Hedges and Tangerine Bolen for an incredible update about the NDAA Sec 1021 court case here in the U.S. Incredible, but the old mainstream media in America won’t touch it.

Coast Guard Corey returns with an update regarding our priorities. What are yours?

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Director ®andall™ Moore, an award-winning independent filmmaker and stay-at-home dad raising three kids, is very concerned about mercury tooth fillings. His dad got diagnosed a few years ago with Alzheimer’s disease and he came across scientific literature demonstrating that mercury could cause all the same biochemical hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. Much to his surprise, he learned that dental amalgam fillings are the largest contributor of mercury to the population that has them… over 120 million people. There is overwhelming and dramatic scientific evidence that amalgam fillings, which consist up to 50% elemental mercury, release toxic vapors thousands of times over all known safety limits during the making, placement, polishing and removal process. “You Put What in My Mouth” is an important new documentary on the subject, addressing the dangers and providing solutions like no other film prior. ®andall™ has also researched dental mercury for a number of years and have interviewed many of the key players of the amalgam issue. He shares this information for free at If you would like to help to see that this project is completed, here is how you can help:

Mitch Booth founded the first successful “wholefood” store in Florida in 1990 in Ormond Beach. Our mission statement has not changed in 22 years.  We advocate wellness one meal at a time. Check it out at He says, “We are now the largest resource of ALL organic produce in Volusia/Flagler counties.  We are science driven and do community tutorials on a regular basis.” As a result Mitch met Dr. Wm. G. Crook, M.D in 1993/4 after he had published “The Yeast Connection.”  A local doctor told him how successful they had been treating ‘candida’ with colloidal silver so he came to Love Whole Foods to discuss.  He was fascinated since he remembered his father had used silver in his country practice in Tennessee. This resulted in Mitch being asked to do editorial review of his next landmark book “The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health” in which he includes colloidal silver as a treatment option. RSB will be appearing at Love Whole Foods this evening to restore gut health and immunity!

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TODAY!!! RSB will be lecturing at Love Whole Foods in Port Orange, Florida September 26, 2012, beginning at 7 PM EDT. See you there!

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