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The Robert Scott Bell Show March 28, 2013

Consciousness is shifting. Consciousness shifts all the time. But how? Experience. We are here to live, not retreat from life, but how you live is for you to decide. Is there a problem? Yes, when you try to force others to live as you perceive they should, rather than honoring their freedom to decide for themselves. Monsanto wants us to live on GMOs. Politicians in Washington, D.C. want us to live as slaves to them. Where is the line between activity and inaction? Activism and contemplation? Peaceful non-intervention and violent defense of life and liberty? The discussion continues today on The RSB Show.

Liam Scheff is back from his first appearance on The Jerry Doyle Show. How did it go? We’ll discuss it and preview Liam’s talks about the Myths of Modern Medicine in Las Vegas, co-sponsored by Nick Brannigan and Health Conspiracy Radio, coming up tonight and tomorrow. Don’t miss these fun, lively interactive events:

Listener feedback: Hallo Dr. Bell, Just wanted to drop a line and say ,thank you for the good show. I have just found out about it and liking it very much. I dont have any serious health concerns, but I am seeking to maximize my physical and mental abilities therefore i have been very much interested in natural healing. I find your show informative and quite entertaining. Its like a free therapy:) You have gained a fan from Estonia. ~ Kai Hobenik


Stephen Heuer, Bachelor of Science as a Nutripath

Stephen Heuer returns to discuss Brain Balance and Energy Support.  Do you find the desire to read overcome by the desire to be entertained by TV? Would you like to love to learn more rather than settling for entertainment only? Do you have the level of energy you’d like to have and does it last all day long? Have you had mercury fillings? Have you ever consumed drugs or alcohol? Have you ever had a viral infection? Have you have been traumatized? A yes to any of these questions can the cause for cellular damage and lifelong brain imbalances and deficient energy levels.

Did you know that when you’ve been exposed to mercury or heavy metals or drugs or alcohol you’ve damaged the histone portion of your DNA and in turn your cells become underactive in most instances and hyperactive is a few instances.

Epigenetics determines the expression of cells. It is what controls the cells ability to develop proteins for the liver or the eye. This is all controlled by the histones around which the DNA is wrapped.

Certain nutrients have a determinative role is which genes are expressed or silenced in different tissues, and proper balance between these nutrient factors is essential for good mental health and optimal energy levels.

Many mental disorders result from environmental factors that cause genes to behave or express themselves improperly. For example nutrient imbalances

Or toxic exposures can alter gene expression rates and may be the root cause of numerous psychiatric disorders. [1]

This under functioning of the cells causes lower levels of energy, slower recovery after energy expenditure, lower levels of neurotransmitters produced and or not being reabsorbed for reuse quickly enough. This impairment produces the various brain chemistry imbalances that lead to the imbalanced states of: Schizophrenia (splitting of mental functions), Bipolar, Depression, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), etc.

Nutrients have now been used over the last 35 years on 30,000 people with mental imbalances. The degree of positive results is off the charts impressive.  The book that chronicles these results is called “Nutrient Power Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain” by William Walsh Ph.D.

For persons currently using anti-depressant medications, it would be wise to read this book and consult with the Author about testing and nutrient therapy. For persons struggling with diet, herbs and supplement manipulation to create the optimum energy and brain balance you’d like then consider trying the combination of products found in this package below.

Brain Balance and Energy Support Package

Ocean Ormus (supports mineral electrical conductivity of the brain and the speed with which signals can be transmitted).

Avinocort: (supports the adrenals; these glands are often fatigue and the hub of the energy wheel in the body. If you support these tired glands with Avinocort, the improved energy and productivity can be very positive).

Homocysteine Factors: (consists of Folate [as Metafolin], B-12 [as Methylcobalamin], Trimethylglycine, B-6, and Ascorbyl Palmitate) This formula is a powerful aid to the creation of neurotransmitters and to the reduction in the levels of pyrrole’s, a substance needed by the body, but in excess amounts is associated with anxiety, mood swings, poor short term memory, reading disorder, morning nausea, absence of dream recall, and frequent anger and rages.)

Niacin: (helps increase transport proteins that remove excessive dopamine) Reduces anxiety!

Zinc 30: (as Zinc picolinate). More than 90% of persons diagnosed with depression, behavioral disorders, ADHD, autism and schizophrenia exhibit depleted plasma zinc levels.

Message from Stephen Heuer: For improving my ability to sleep, here is what I’m in the early stages of experimenting with and have had some success. I have taken the Homocysteine Factors, Niacin and Zinc in the morning and by 2 pm the second dosage. This sets the stage for the following to then help me to sleep. At bedtime I take 1- 5-HTP 100-200 mg and Melatonin. This has helped me to get a 4-hour window of restful sleep.

I’m finding that I cannot take Avinocort in the afternoon as it may interfere with my sleep. I’m also finding that the dosage of Ocean Ormus must be kept to maybe 1/4th

a teaspoon in the morning only. Ocean Ormus for my particular sleep needs, needs to be a lower amount as it may cause too much brain activation if taken in larger amounts. This is still under experimentation for myself. I’ve had others report very favorable results with the entire Brain Balance package taken.

The ideal goal is to dissolve the damaged cells and have them replaced by stem cells produced within your body. So that life long supplementation of this degree can be discontinued. To achieve the higher production of stem cells, ones diet needs to be ideal. For me this is a mostly raw and 100% vegetarian diet. In addition to this the technology known as the Wellness Rings can increase stem cells by 60 to 70 fold. Here is a link to the Wellness Rings:

Food is either supporting optimal expression of DNA or hindering or damaging it. It is my contention that we are meant to be mostly fruit and vegetable eating beings and that these foods influence the optimal expression of the DNA. In our day and age of toxicity and previous damage to the body from toxins and trauma’s, dietary modifications from the ideal seem to be essential to function one’s best. Personally I use and advocate the following diet. Raw Milk, Raw Eggs, unheated whey protein, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and some cooked grains.

For More Information Click on the Brain Balancing and Energy Support Package link or go to or call 888-988-3325 or 864-895-6250

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[1] Nutrient Power Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain