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Thinking Moms’ Revolution, Kim Spencer, Autism Vaccine, Hepatitis C Fiction, Liam Scheff, Boston Confusion, Terror Drill Tourism & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show April 25, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now.

It’s time to celebrate. Consciousness is tearing apart the fabric of artificial reality. True, NBC’s Brian Williams is not celebrating. Here’s his likely question: If the mainstream media reports that two boys from Chechnya are the sole culprits in perpetrating a terror crime, why is that no longer good enough for you? Answer: It never was good enough, but for a number of generations, Americans brushed suspicions aside to enjoy the artificial gravy of fractional reserve debt-based official stories. The difference is, more people than ever are questioning the official story, or stories, as the old media can’t seem to make up its CIA-conflicted mind what it wants you to believe. They just know it’s not right unless they approve of it first.

While we may never know what really happened, deep down, we eventually come to the conclusion that it is never as they report it, either. I realize that it may trouble you to not know definitively, but take solace in the fact that persistently questioning official stories may be enough to cause irreparable harm to the elite media. Maybe it’s time for a vacation.

How about this idea to restore health to a once-thriving tourism industry? Terrorism-safe travel agencies! It could be done. Just find out where government agencies are planning to conduct terrorism/disaster drill and arrange travel to avoid those areas at those times. How many times have terror drills gone live?

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is on and Kim Spencer joins RSB to talk about how moms are powerful force for good in the world when they think and question authority in defense of their families. How can the message of vaccine dangers pierce the veil of a medical-government-media complex that attempts to keep the cotton from pill bottles stuffed in their collective ears? What was written in a recent Savannah newspaper article about the revolution? Are you ready to read the book? Dr. Bob Sears writes in the forward: “What angers me is that the medical community should have started examining this question 20 years ago. Instead (almost) all put their heads in the sand and decided there was no increase, there was no epidemic, so there is no reason to examine why.”How can we help with the cultural shift away from blind faith in medicine as if it were a religion whose authority must not be

Kim and her son Patrick

questioned? Who are the other culprits in maintaining compliance with a dangerous and sometimes deadly syringe intervention? Kim will reveal the methods of the increasingly powerful government-insurance industry. Their techniques used to keep doctors in line will shock you! Are you ready to move beyond the politicization of autism? We’ll discuss the food issue and other natural approaches to restore health to those children so damaged. According to the Thinking Moms’ Revolution: “There is a revolution taking place and it is happening now. Autism is a tragedy that is showing up in households across America and around the world. As it takes root and grows in a generation of children, there is a resistance…a movement to take back our children from the world of autism and into a future full of hope.” We’ll see you at Autism One May 22-26, 2013 in Chicago!

In Hour 2, Liam Scheff and RSB shoot the breeze (or is that the winds of change?) and talk faulty viruses and whether or not we’ll ever get back to the garden. We plan to keep it light even as we shed some more candle-power on the Boston confusion.

Remember that in a nation of crazies, the saner people always look a little nuts.

Since we’re feeling a little nutty today, maybe Liam will open up about his existential quagmire. Can we hit a new low today due to our punch drunk exhaustion from chasing false flags down rabbit holes? Warning to the parents of youngsters in our audience – we’re probably working a bit ‘bluer’ than usual, so bring your sense o’humor – if it hasn’t already been confiscated by the TSA.

Question of the Day: Hi. I am a nurse practitioner and work with about 200 IV drug abusers. I have tested them for hepatitis c and about 75 percent test positive for the antibody and about 50 percent have what is said to be a quantifiable level of copies of the virus (anywhere from 600 to millions of copies) along with a certain genotype. I heard you say that hepatitis c is not an actual virus so obviously I am very curious about what it is the labs are actually measuring. Obviously the education I have received is extremely biased and I am very open (most of my peers think i am a kook) so can you tell me where to find out more about this fabricated disease and how they have created these markers for it? Thank you! ~ Robin

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RSB, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and many others will be at the Autism One conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 22-26, 2013. Hope to see you there!

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What else is in the news?

“Consensus shredded; major media up against the wall” by Jon Rappoport

Is the H7N9 the new life-terminator or just more hype from the vaccine industrial complex?

Where should you not vacation this July? New York City. Why? Airborne weapons drills are scheduled for the subway there

What is the ultimate medical oxymoron? How about a vaccine to prevent Autism! It looks like Dr. Wakefield was right about gastrointestinal inflammation. Too bad these vaccine-dunderheads pushing another shot can’t see the irony.

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