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Thinking Moms Revolution Kim Spencer, vaccine autism, germ theory slaves, allergies, Ian Jacklin cannabis, Joni Abbott parents rights & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 1, 2013 DId you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now.

Can the Republican rift be solved by beer? Only if it’s organic and non-GMO. What is the price of anarchy? Believing in – and living – your life as if the Germ Theory explained how the world works could be dangerous to your freedom. If the Democrats proposed martial law, the Republicans would rebel. And vice-versa if the roles were reversed. But what if the enemy could be described without a partisan divide, would the people be willing to give up their freedom from the threat of a fuzzy foreigner? What could possible fit that bill? Here come the microbes! There are no Democrat viruses and no Republican bacteria, so everyone has permission to be afraid, equally. But should we really fear the microbe? Or is it the destruction of the terrain that should concern us? While we are taught to fear germs, multi-national corporations supported by both political parties destroy the very environment upon which we all depend for healthy life. The two major political parties are like chemotherapy for the body politic. They claim to help you by destroying you first. Good luck trying to reform a system over run by cancer and autoimmunity. You must detoxify it first. How does that play out? You may want to watch from a safe distance.

RSB & Kim at Autism One

This past Advanced Medicine Monday, Dr. Buttar and RSB discussed Kim Spencer’s appearance on a New Orleans TV station debating a PhD defender of the vaccine religion. She joins us today to discuss her experience in debating dunderheads with duh-grees. She is an integral part of the Thinking Moms Revolution, a group of parents of vaccine injured children fighting to warn and inform others before it is too late for their kids. From Kim: “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to debate Dr. Koren Boggs and represent The Thinking Moms on The 504 Show in New Orleans last week. I was shocked that someone who has no background in vaccines or the biomedical treatment of autism accepted this challenge. Due to the time constraints on air, I was unable to expand on all the misinformation presented by Dr. Boggs. Luckily, the autism community’s own Ginger Taylor has decided to set the record straight. I said what I could in the time constraints that I had, but here, Ginger refutes what was left unsaid.” – Blaze


Ian Jacklin

Ian Jacklin, from, interviewed RSB last night on his TV program. He joins us today with Homegrown Health’s Joni Abbott, to discuss natural cures for cancer and parental authority when it comes to choosing methods of healing. How is it that the government claims to have jurisdiction to grab your children and force them to receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery? Are other options disallowed because they don’t work, or because Modern Medicine is the official state religion in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America. Where is the sovereignty and the sanctity of the family when government claims medical ownership of your children? What about hemp and cannabis cures for cancer? Could the danger begin with hospital births? What role do birth certificates, marriage licenses and beastly numbers have on access to your children should they become sick with oncological jurisdictional diseases? What if your baby tests positive for HIV, the fictitious retrovirus? See: “Why not to have babies in hospitals.” Get ready to rock the health world for family liberty!

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  • Great show as always!! Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find any video or audio of your interview on I Cure Cancer.. Is there a link for that anywhere? Haven’t been able to find it on yet..

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