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TMR’s Lisa Joyce Goes, vaccine autism links, Jonathan Emord, Dr Charles Simone, prevent Ebola, C4L’s Norm Singleton, govt roadblocks & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show October 19, 2014 Miss the show? Click here to download & listen now!

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EDT: Can we prevent Ebola by getting a flu shot? There are some strange pronouncements coming out of the mainstream media while they simultaneously tell the people to panic and remain calm. What will you do? We’ve got a Question of the Day about uterine fibroids and hypothyroidism to answer! Did you see the Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s Lisa Joyce Goes decimating Ronan Farrow on MSNBC recently? She joins us to talk vaccine dangers and Autism realities that CDC does not want us to know. Jonathan Emord is here to rekindle the sacred fire of liberty, along with Norm Singleton from Campaign for Liberty to discuss how government is making the Ebola crisis even worse! Dr. Charles Simone reveals the reality of airline transmission of Ebola and provides information on real prevention, even if FDA does not approve it. Why does the government stand in the way of your freedom to reverse disease with substances and techniques unapproved by them? Is there anything that can be done to reverse them? Where is the freedom to heal in the land of the free? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

October 2 – USA Today – Tom Frieden, M.D., Director of Centers for Disease Control, said “at this point there is zero risk of transmission of Ebola on air flight. It does not spread from someone who doesn’t have fever or other symptoms.”

That’s not true (Lancet. 2005. 365:989-96; The Journal of Infectious Diseases 1999;179(Suppl 1):S92–7).  Ebola spreads in humans and primates by aerosol transmission and also by direct contact with blood, mucus or other fluids from an infected person. Ebola and Lassa are two viruses that cause hemorrhagic fever.  These viruses have longer incubation periods, making infected passengers potentially symptom-free and unaware that they are infected at the time of travel even though they can spread disease by droplet transmission. These droplets are created by infected persons when they cough, sneeze or speak and the droplets are propelled up to 3 feet and deposited on a susceptible host’s eyes or mucous membranes.

Other infectious diseases that can be transmitted during air flight: Tuberculosis, SARS, the common cold, influenza, meningococcal disease, measles, Salmonella, Cholera, smallpox, and others.

What can you do to help yourself? Dr. Charles Simone joins us with the medical information being lost in the mainstream media’s panic peddling!  Defend Yourself From A Viral Attack (Excerpt from my book, How To Save Yourself From A Terrorist Attack)

1 – Wash your hands and face often with soap.
2 – Use diluted bleach to decontaminate skin and inanimate objects (RSB note: I would prefer the use of silver for decontamination over chlorine)

3 – Keep sinus ports open with steam

4 – Hydrogen peroxide – gargle twice a day

5 – Zinc – weekly dose 50-70 mg/day

6 – N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg/day

7 – Vitamin C – 2-4 grams/day (RSB notes: Please remember Selenium, too)

8 – Quercetin – 500 mg twice a day

9 – Jet planes should use only outside air for the cabin.  Commercial airlines are a suitable environment for the spread of infectious disease carried by passengers or crew. The air-quality in the cabin is important. Request the pilot to bring in fresh air from the outside. This increases the use of fuel and therefore is not frequently done because of cost. You can also turn off the vents just above your head to prevent that re-circulated cabin air from coming directly on your face.

Question/Comments of the Day: You have the best show on radio and have purchased your book… I have been telling a friend about you and she has uterine fibroids…what would be a good natural protocol for that…also she has hypothyroid… I told her about all your silver aloe treatments… What would help hypothyroidism along with uterine fibroids? …thank you …you and super don are the best!!! ~ Duane

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