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Tom Woods, Nullification, Anthrax Shots, AIDS, Liam Scheff & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 25, 2011

Tom Woods, author of Nullification, Rollback, Meltdown, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, returns to discuss Homeland Security, TSA, and the upcoming “Nullify Now!” tour stop in Los Angeles. and


Liam Scheff returns to discuss the fallacy of drugging people who have immune deficiencies. Drugs do not stop AIDS, they cause it. The controversial reality is coming up. Plus, more on intestinal health recovery as well! and Story:


Is the federal government done with experimenting on little children yet? Not by a long shot, as they investigate whether to test anthrax vaccines on American kids.


The government and medical authorities say that there is no cure for pulmonary Anthrax infection. I beg to differ. Have you ever heard of homeopathic Bryonia, Antimonium tartaricum, Drosera, Spongia tosta and nebulized silver hydrosol? Also for cutaneous anthrax, learn about homeopathic Anthracinum.


The Germ Theory run amok musically? Now they are blaming Vuvuzelas for spreading infection!


Would you be upset if your doctor prescribed Jesus instead on an FDA-approved drug?


Thank you to everyone calling 1-866-939-BELL (2355). Please keep you comments and questions coming 24/7! Calls today include questions and comments on autism and psychiatric drugs.


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