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Too Many Stories……Not Enough Time!!!! What To Do?

Every day we have so many stories in the news that we can’t get to on the air. For years I’ve always wondered what to do with them. We could probably do 4 hours a day and still not get to everything that’s going on……

I’ve toyed with the idea of posting the good ones that catch our eye so you can see them… Whatcha think?

For Example….here’s a few that got my attention

Research In Pediatric Heart Disease Described By CHOP Experts – CHOP Experts? This is an unfortunate acronym in my opinion….LOL

Edible Deodorant Claims to Sweeten Your Sweat – Ummm….ok. How can you pass up a story like this?

Let me know if you would like to see more of these poor and lonely left out stories for your perusal!



10 thoughts on “Too Many Stories……Not Enough Time!!!! What To Do?

  • I would like to recommend Sydney Ross Singer as a guest on RSB for your listeners. He is a medical anthropologist, and the author of several controversial health books. He exposes very important information is recognized for revolutionary and shocking research linking breast cancer with the wearing of tight bras. He is an extremely interesting person and offers information women should NOT miss out!

    Please visit his website:

    You can get in contact with him on his site.

    Thank you so much!

  • Angela Bonk

    Not enough time…use them in place of encore shows when RSB goes MIA.

  • John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD

    My name is John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD. I teach courses in political science, law, and statistics. For the latter, I often teach about the dangers of vaccines. I write to you in hopes that your staff and contacts can help a young man currently facing 10 years in prison for child abuse – in what I see as a clear case of vaccine injury.

    I was recently contacted by a young mother, Amber Stephens, whose husband, Andrew Stephens, has been indicted (and denied bail) for felony child abuse in the Newport News area in Virginia.

    Based on my research I am convinced that the baby girl, Rylee (born 9 August 2012), was injured due to vaccines. I am trying to help the family get in contact with experts who can provide testimony if necessary, but hopefully just write letters or submit affidavits to persuade the DA to drop the charges.

    Below I provide an account of Rylee Stephens (born 9 August 2012) and how her father is facing up to 10 years in prison.


    Yesterday (23 Jan 2013) I spoke for 90 minutes with a young mother, Amber Stephens (she is 23). She is married to Andrew Stephens, their daughter Rylee is their first child.

    While living in Virginia (Newport News area) Rylee was severely injured – in what looks like occurred after her 2-month shots. Because Andrew was with the baby, called for emergency assistance, and took her to the hospital on the day when she was having difficulty breathing, went limp in his arms, and was suffering bouts of projectile vomiting (consistent with concussion and brain bleeds from vaccines, especially DTaP), the police, hospital staff, and social workers assumed that Andrew had abused the baby girl.

    It just got worse from there. The young parents had to agree to bring Rylee back to the hospital for a series of check ups for a month where the little one was subjected to repeated radiation treatments (I believe 20 CAT scans). Rylee even had brain surgery – supposedly to find the source of and stop the bleeding – which did not work of course. Then, one month after the hospital finally cleared Rylee, Andrew, the father, was charged with felony child abuse.

    Currently Rylee and her mother Amber are living with family in Iowa, but Andrew is in prison in Virginia – as he was just denied bail.

    What is most significant, in terms of the defense, is that according to Amber, on more than one occasion – and in front of other witnesses, the neurosurgeon said that the bleeding probably started about 14-28 days before Rylee was first seen in the emergency room. That is, the neurosurgeon suggested that the bleeding started exactly at the time when Rylee got her “well baby” shots.

    I am contacting others who know about vaccine injuries like Sherri Tenpenny, Gary Null, Russell Blaylock, John Plunkett, and others. But I know that you contact them, it will add great weight. My thought now is that we need as many experts as possible – especially that neurosurgeon who operated on Rylee – to write to the prosecutor’s office and urge them to drop the charges because it obvious that Rylee – who will never be getting another vaccine – is now doing fine. Moreover her father, a loving husband and care-giver, needs to be back at work supporting his family.

    Amber’s phone numbers are 757 362 5556; 319 930 6556; and 319 622 6828

    If you can help this family in any way they would be grateful.

    Thank you for your attention.

    John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD

    956 622 4169

  • Nancy

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DON! Thank you for taking care of my outspoken other half! XOXO

  • Liberty

    Super Don,

    I don’t know if you always have time to get to all the questions on the “Contact Us” page, but I thought this one was super important that Robert talk about it on Friday to cause a stir and have all those 1.2 million+ people who listen to the show call their Senators and Representatives to keep from Protecting Monsanto….

    Stop the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ and Other Dangerous Riders!

    Monsanto could get everything it wants for Christmas, unless we convince legislators this week to strip both the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5973) and the Farm Bill of dangerous riders that would give the biotech industry unprecedented power and immunity from not only an already-weakened review process, but also from federal law.

    Here’s what’s at stake. Attached to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill is the “Farmers Assurance Provision” (Section 733) which is nothing more than a sneak attack on American farmers, consumers and the environment. If passed, this rider, aptly renamed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” would give Monsanto immunity from federal law by allowing the biotech industry to plant genetically modified crops, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed.

    On the Farm Bill side, Monsanto lobbyists have bought themselves several anti-regulatory riders that would effectively gut the USDA’s ability to regulate the use of genetically engineered organisms (GMOs). The riders would speed up the review and approval process for new GE crops, and authorize the USDA to consider exempting certain GE crops from any review at all.

    Now that Congress has returned, both bills are on the agenda. The Agriculture Appropriations could become part of an Omnibus Appropriations Bill and the Farm Bill could be included in a deficit-reduction agreement to avoid the “fiscal cliff.

    Thankfully, we have at least one friend in Congress. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is circulating a letter to all of his colleagues in Congress opposing the “Monsanto Protection Act.” By signing our action alert below, you can ask your legislators to sign on to Rep. DeFazio’s “Dear Colleague” letter. You’ll also be asking your legislators to oppose the Farm Bill riders.

    Don’t let Monsanto get away with this latest attack on farmers, consumers and the environment!

  • Liberty

    Hi Super Don,

    I just asked a question about the BRCA gene to the contact us page. I wonder if the BRCA ge e game from a lab created gene and delivered. Ia a vaccine or flu shot.


    P.S. How is the quitting smoking going with the Kingbio formula?

    • Liberty

      Sorry about the typos, stupid BlackBerry Playbook types what it wants to type. Well, I have no proof of anything, just a hunch and since the AMA and big pharma are so evil, I wouldn’t put it past them to create the gene. It makes perfect sense that one doesn’t need to exist because nobody could ever prove that it doesn’t exist if they tell you it does. We can’t check our own DNA.

  • Hey Super Don. Awesome job setting up the show !! Always great musical lead ins, except I couldn’t get rubber Duckie out of my head for days, you bastard LOL . Wanted to ask RSB if he could address Candida overgrowth on an upcoming show. I think it’s more of an issue than docs & people realize ? Turned out to be the immune agrivator in my wife’s auto immune disease that we had been dealing with for a while.
    Keep up the good work !

  • Rob Young

    Always like to hear “rea/truel” weird and wacky health stories.

  • Hey, Don!
    If you don’t have time to get into these stories, I probably don’t either. But still it would be interesting to see them and have the option of taking a look. Thanks for scanning the news and picking out the juicy ones. And have a happy Thanksgiving!

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