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Toxic Teeth, Consumers for Dental Choice Charlie Brown, International Medical Mercury Detoxification, Liam Scheff’s Official Stories 30% Off, Collecting Rainwater Criminals, Mexican Chicken Holocaust, Gardasil’s Aluminum HPV DNA, Suspicious Facebook Non-Members and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 9, 2012

Collect Rainwater, Go to Jail

Is common sense dead and gone? In Oregon, you can murder and the governor will fight to grant you clemency, but if you dare collect rainwater on your own property, it’s jail time for you. We have the update on Gary Harrington today, including some stunning admissions by the judge in the case! We mentioned a chicken holocaust recently, and lest you think we were exaggerating, go to Mexico, where they recently slaughtered 8 million chickens! Why? H3N7 and the United Nations. Be on the lookout for thousands of escaped Mexican chickens flooding across the Rio Grande. When will this Flu nonsense cease? Let’s remove the mercury from our minds, withdraw consent, collect rainwater and all grow our own food. All that and way more on today’s RSB Show broadcast!

It is amazing that you can reveal all the scientific validation of the dangers of mercury to man, woman and child, yet medical experts will continue to argue for its necessity in dental fillings, medical devices and vaccinations. Which angle on getting mercury out of medicine is actually working? The environmental one. Charlie Brown, from Consumers for Dental Choice, returns with breaking news on Unprecedented Momentum Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, August 19-25, is fast approaching and your support will be matched by Dr. Mercola should you wish to donate to these good works.

If there ever was a day to see through the Official Stories, this is it! From Smedley Butler, Marine Corps truth-telling Major General of the early 20th Century – to Frank Wisner’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” we talk about the clandestine services in America. Who pulls the strings of power here and overseas? Then into John F. Kennedy, the President who stood in their way, and lost his head for it, quite literally. Next up, from the 20th into the 21st Century, the international jackals are still pulling the strings and making the public dance to their tune. Liam Scheff and RSB talk 9/11, vaccines and HIV mythology. Then, into a break for some Shakespeare – and back into the history of science with Darwinism, before we take off for outer space and realize that the universe is electric – there was no “Big Bang!” All of this and more in “Official Stories,” on sale for 30% off with the following code at – BBNVJT86 and

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Gary Harrington
Off to rainwater jail

In Oregon, you can murder and the governor will grant you clemency even if you do not want it. What about if you collect rainwater on your property? Jail time.

Gary Harrington goes to jail for 30 days because he captured rainwater in his pond.

Not having a Facebook account is suspicious?

From Deadly chemical drugs to bioelectric implants, Big Pharma has got you covered.

Gardasil HPV DNA found in tissue samples of young vaccine victim…

What is that weird tape that the Olympians are wearing?

What’s the obesity paradox in diabetes?

Where is Super Chicken when you need him? Mexico destroys 8 million flightless avians…


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