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Doc of Detox courage, CBD, yes you can! Detox from Wi-fi and everything else, Chiro Dr. Dan Murphy, vaccine ingredients, Dr. Frank King, allergies!

Friday, March 4th,  2016 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EST

Friday the 4th on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Go 4th in Courage, March into March! 

guac in white bowlMore silly stories from the Captain, including a guacamole suprise! Then we recap the week in Trump – is anyone thinking about how this election is highlighting some of the extremes of our political industry in America? It is an industry, people spend their entire careers figuring out how to game public opinion in their favor, and now Trump is over-turning the mango-cart so to speak. What power would he have as commander in chief? Is it bad or good that he cannot be controlled?

RSB answers a question from you:  “Can I get CBD oil in Idaho?  You sure can!  It is made from the hemp plant remember, that is not actual majuiana, nor illegal, so you can order it as a supplement for your pain via our good friends at Cannavest. “RSB15” gets you 15% off!

And heading into the weekend, and especially on a DetoxiFriday, as we start to think about un-plugging from the week…we have to touch on this story about turning old pay-phones into wifi-hot spots in the city.  Internet is great!  We love it!  But wifi radiation does affect the energy and electric currents in our bodys, and we need time away from it to let it work out of our systems.  So along with, Captain Morgen, buy an uber-long Ethernet cable, and turn off your wifi at night during movie time, or at least before you go to bed. Give your body the true rest it deserves!

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Loving Detoxification

It’s March 4th, time to move forward in courage with the Doc of Detox, Dr. Darrell Wolfe! All fear, though appearing real, is merely an illusion keeping you from living your life to the fullest. Even the fear of death is a fear of living. The mainstream media? It does not give you a chance to breathe, much less escape from a matrix of fear and control from outside of yourself. Take back your power? The drama queen says “no way!” as it needs an adrenaline rush associated with discord. Do you really want to embrace that pain? No way! Embrace the love.  How often do we fight such simple wisdom? It can’t be that easy (says that little voice in your head). We need to struggle and fight against the love, don’t we? Have you ever been annoyed by a happy human? Why?

How can physical pain be your best friend? Only if you listen and learn from it so it does not have to stick around forever and berate you. Pharmaceutical pills can manifest nausea and anger as they seek to suppress your cells’ communication with you. Better choice? Love is the greatest pill of all! Belief is the critical starting point on the way to recovery from any disease.

We’ll answer a Question of the Day from Lori, who asks: 

Hi Robert and Dr. Wolfe: My husband has to go to dermatologist on regular basis due to recurring basal cell carcinoma always on face chest and back. He sits out in sun a lot in summer without shirt. He uses a sunscreen on his face I order from Dr Mercola. What are your thoughts on supplementation regarding this recurrence or any thing else you can tell us regarding this issue? Thank you again for always helping us. Lori

Love and honor yourself. What you do is based on whether you are exhibiting love for the most important human in the world: You. Are you ready to live by instinct again? organic teaJoin the Doc of Detox for his Empower hour session every 2 weeks – send an email to to participate. Or call 855-900-4544to get more information. What about Doc Talk Tuesdays? The teleconference is available for you, too. Reach out and participate. Then come see us at the Total Health Show in Toronto, Canada April 8-10, 2016. All these healing steps are connected by the first baby steps we take, to the larger strides and occasional long runs as we get stronger. Worried about your weight? You are not necessarily eating too much in terms of calories but toxins. What’s the best detox? Besides the Daily Cleansing Tea, reprogramming yourself and loving yourself would be a great place to start. When should you stop loving yourself?


 Hour 2 on RSB ~ 1st time guest Dr. Daniel Murphy

bell_001.Come celebrate the California Jam with us as Dr. Dan Murphy expounds upon the very real dangers of vaccination for a science perspective. No, not the religion of science, but science unencumbered by economic or political self-interest. That toxic syringe, actually what’s in it, does great damage when it exceeds certain levels, becoming non-hormetic toxic chemistry. Do you remember the term “hormesis” from high school? No matter, Dr. Murphy brings us a refresher course today on the air. Certain substances may be OK in small amounts, but become toxic in larger concentrations, or when they bypass the normal routes of ingestion.

Are the ingredients that are listed at and found in their approved vaccines really safe for injection? Do they exceed the toxic threshold? Aluminum, mercury and even formaldehyde are most definitely problematic. Isn’t it interesting that FDA banned formaldehyde in wood used on children’s playgrounds, but turned a blind eye when it is made injectable as a component within a holy grail of artificial antibody induction?

Court-gavelBig Pharma has the best legislators money can buy for this to continue even one more day! Dr. Dan will run circles around PhDs and MDs on this issue, so enjoy the radio ride and come see him at the Cal Jam! We’ve got a deeper perspective to share and we are not even dependent, necessarily, on antibodies to keep us safe.

Doctors of Chiropractic can help you achieve whole body homeostasis, which is much better than a hampered immune system with artificially induced antibodies. There is a difference from natural immunity, which can never be created by syringe injection. We’ll go all the way back the 1918 Flu pandemic to make our point. We’ll talk Bernard vs Pasteur and acknowledge Antoine Bechamp as well. Who will win the battle between Vitalism and Molecular Reductionism?


 Healing Revolution 

Texas Wildflowers_Hidden Springs_04_10_117Dr. Frank King is back for a pre-allergy season edition of the Healing Revolution! Why wait to suffer another pollen-filled spring when you can nip your worst allergy responses in the bud (for those in Washington D.C., that means before they happen). It’s not only about modulating the immune system, but also addressing the toxicity burden within the body. Are you ready for two simple steps to reduce allergic manifestations before the flowers go full-bloom?  Step One is to address the allergy symptoms head on with the appropriate complex formulation for your area. King Bio has regional allergy mixes specific to the area in which you live and work. From the Southern region, to the Rocky Mountains and West Coast and everything in between, Dr. King has you covered. Even our friends in Canada have allergy formulations specific to their locale.

The second part of the one-two punch is the Total Body Detox formula. This reduces the overall burden on the body’s many functions related to the immune system. Awakening the areas of your body’s complex detoxification pathways is one of the most important, yet often overlooked ways to recover in a hurry. Drainage is not just for the pipes under your kitchen sink. In addition, should your allergies lean toward the animal kingdom, check out the Pet Dander formula. Other options include formulations covering Grains & Gluten, Dairy and more!super-d

Finally, what happened to Super Don in the middle of the night earlier this week that relates to the 8 Essentials that Dr. King wrote about in The Healing Revolution? Did he really release his Sphincter of Oddi? We’ll check with Dr. King for confirmation! Cue the sound effects!

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