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Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Cancer Cures, Nullification Victories, Mercury Detox, Homeopathic Training, Digestive Recoveries & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 7, 2012

How do you feel the morning after? We had some great state nullification victories on cannabis and health care freedom, even while California drank the fluoridated propaganda coming from the biotech industry on GMO labeling. Apparently, we’ve got a lot more waking up to do. Functionally or dysfunctionally, about half of the population in the U.S. believes that government is there to give them stuff for free. Do they mind the fact that “free” stuff always comes with strings attached? Even though the root word of freedom is free, the irony will be lost on those who look to the government as a never-ending spigot of goodness. Read Jon Rappoport’s take on last night’s election here. In either case, we’ve got some healing to do…

  • Mercury detoxification
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention
  • Cholesterol mythology mistakes
  • Learning homeopathy
  • Digestive disorder remedies
  • Silver/Aloe intestinal protocol
  • Skin pigmentation disruption

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It’s Wednesday, which means that it’s time to go Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger! One more review of political healing so that you don’t feel too bad that your candidate may have lost – Obama and Romney really were not all that different. Seriously. If you need some sweetness in your life, please do not choose aspartame, despite its FDA approval! Did you know that Nutrasweet/poison is now linked to leukemia and lymphoma? Is there ever and excuse to remove your body parts so that they will not get cancer? Sharon Osbourne seems to think so, but we might have something to say about that. What about old injuries? Could that put you at risk for future cancer? Ty let’s loose on inflammation’s link to the dreaded C word. Why are there Superbugs in municipally treated city water? Do multivitamins actually cause heart disease? Are you still drinking fluoride? Let’s go outside the box! Ty’s websites include and Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible!

Listener questions/comments of the day:

1)   Hi Robert,
I wanted to let you know I am very excited to be attending the AMS in Houston this month. I will be bringing my daughter with me to the second day. She has a 3 yr old son with delayed development, we feel brought on by vaccine damage (ugh!!! I know). However, he is making great progress with the help of many products you have told us about. We are working with my homeopath here in Idaho, but my daughter and her family live in San Antonio, Texas. We are very hopeful to find a good practitioner closer to her home in SA through this seminar. We are using some formulas from King bio as well as the Whey from Steven. He is also taking the colostrum from immune Tree. We started him on this protocol about 3 weeks ago along with some liquid vitamins; fish oils and detox baths of mineralized vinegar and bentonite clay. Many of his symptoms are beginning to resolve, but the delayed speech is of concern. They are no longer doing vaccines for any of the children and my daughter is now armed with the tools to fight this battle. Her husband is in the reserves and he is required to go to weekend training about once a quarter. He is given vaccines just about every time they have training. He is now a believer in the damage they cause. After his last flu shot he came home and started to exhibit symptoms, he asked my daughter for the king bio complex and started taking it. Within 24 hours his symptoms had resolved. He also sees how his son is improving and has become a believer! I want you to know you have had a profound affect on my health as well as my family. My hypo thyroid has resolved after 18 months of working through all the suggestions and I am now free of prescription thyroid support. My check ups have been great; I have lost weight and am down to the same weight as in my 20′s. My husband is off all those nasty statins and looks and feels great! His cholesterol was too low!! It was finally one of your shows with Dr. Buttar that I made him listen to and he came off his meds and is doing just great. Thank You for that one, now he tells people he takes what I tell him he needs after we muscle test.. People ask us all the time, what the heck are you doing? I tell them about your show and all the great companies I have found as resources because of you. Thank You again! I hope to meet you in person at the seminar and ask Dr. Buttar to sign my book. See you soon!! Debra

2)   I am a regular listener from the UK and appreciate everything you and Mike Adams do. If you could help me with the following questions, I would really appreciate it: I want to learn about and become qualified in homeopathy. Are there any courses you would recommend? I suffer from poor digestion and regularly have stomach discomfort. It seemed to worsen after having my amalgam fillings replaced (even though I went to a dentist who took steps to remove them safely). I have heard you mention the aloe/silver protocol so was wondering if this may help me and, if so, could you please explain how to do it. If there is anything else you could recommend, that would be great. Finally, I also have white patches on my back, neck and stomach. I think it is ‘Tinea Versicolor’. I have been putting Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel on the affected areas but, so far, it has not improved. Again, if you know of any natural treatments for this, it would be very helpful. Thank you again for the great work that you do. Kind regards, Lisa

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