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Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Fixing Vaccine Stupid, Curing Cancer, Liana Werner-Gray Non-GMO Earth Diet, Weight Loss, Secession & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 14, 2012 Click HERE to download mp3 archive of today’s show.

Let your food be your medicine? Liana Werner-Gray created a challenge to eat only foods directly provided by earth for 365 days and kept a daily blog “The Earth Diet”. She’s back to discuss the dangers of GMO food, including its propensity to make you fat! GMOs are now in over 70% of all processed food! Liana will share how The Earth Diet can be the difference between disease and real health, especially for those wanting to lose weight safely. Oh yes, and keeping it off! Liana knows how, first hand. She transformed her life in ways she never expected including self-healing, and ending a vicious cycle of addiction to refined sugars, pain and suffering. Every human body thrives on PROPER NUTRITION for the healthiest state of mind and full life. Liana is a bright light and I am always glad to have her back on The RSB Show! What can The Earth Diet do for you?

  • Lose Weight/ Gain Weight/ Gain Muscle/ Muscle Tone/ Restore the body to natural weight /Rid cellulite
  • Treat and reverse ALL dis-ease including anything “incurable”, diabetes, cancer, skin disorders, arthritis and more

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What day is it? It’s Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! If a vaccine does not work, a scientist or doctor with common sense would abandon it. Ty will help us counter the stupid humans who think that giving more shots that do not work is a viable option. Incredible! Did you know that the modern drug and vaccine industry has its strongest roots in Nazi Germany’s I.G. Farben? Don’t get Mercked again!  Vaccines may be eugenics repackaged to convince parents that they are helping their children, while secretly increasing disease and infertility rates. Could GMO foods also be related? Do you know anyone who still believes chemotherapy is a good thing? They are in serious need of a bath, but not the one oncologists want to give them! Why did a man take a pregnancy test and how did it tell him that he had testicular cancer? Ty will explain and let you men know what to do to prevent or reverse it. We promise that it will have nothing to do with drinking the new fat-blocking Pepsi from Japan! Finally, we’ll test Ty’s ability to cover a major Moment of Duh related to colon cancer. I have a feeling he will pass with flying colors! Ready? Set. Let’s go outside the box! Ty’s websites include and Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible!

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If a doctor tells you to take a bath, you might want to think twice before taking this one!

The people of 50 states have now signed petitions to Obama requesting secession. You don’t ask permission to do that which is your Divine right.

Montana lawmaker asks to be paid in gold! Did you know that the Coinage Act of 1792 has never been repealed?

Mumps is happening in vaccinated populations! What do they recommend? More shots. When it comes to vaccinologists, sometimes you can’t fix stupid.

Is there anything that affects colon cancer survival better than this? Scientists have just figured it out, that’s why it’s today’s Moment of….

Congress’ lame duck session has begun and all the important work is underway, right? What is the Asthma Inhaler Relief Act of 2012? OTC Asthma drugs are depleting the ozone layer, really?

Pepsi fat-blocking soda? The cola wars are getting desperate.

See what RSB has to say about the Flu and Flu Shots! This will never be aired on The pharmaceutically-conflicted Today Show…

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