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Ultimate flu shot scandal revealed, Jon Rappoport, separation of medicine & state, Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe, cancer cures, Alzheimer’s & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show June 18, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now!

“A new giant vaccine scandal exposes government lies and psyops” is the latest article by Jon Rappoport. He is back to discuss even more layers of the vaccine scam, particularly as it relates to the annual government influenza fear-mongering. Is it justified? How many people are really dying from flu each year? The numbers are staggering, but not in the direction that would suit their agenda to shoot everyone up with 25mcg of mercury per injection. If you control the use of words and numbers, you can make trillions of dollars, and you can hide scandals that would otherwise take you down into infamy and prison. You can pretty much operate a whole sector of society and remain untouched. Nowhere is this more clear than in the criminal work of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The real name of that agency should be: Centers for Disease Information Control.  That’s what they do.  They manipulate words and numbers to present fictional images to the public. They’re a tax-funded PR front for the medical cartel.  A 24/7 psyop. Get ready to blow this scandal wide open with Jon and RSB today!

It’s time, once again, to go beyond respiration to discuss the many healing powers of oxygen! Ed McCabe is the only person in history who has interviewed thousands of oxygen therapy using patients & doctors worldwide.

 Why would any doctor disavow the benefits of oxygen therapy? Ed is ready to take them on! He has dedicated his life to this mission, appearing on over 1,500 media and speaking events in 8 countries over 10 years, in order to assist all those ready for healing. He’s on The RSB Show to help overcome the public’s lack of knowledge about the proven safe oxygen/ozone solutions available to everyone. Even better, after 22+ more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, Mr. Oxygen, has compiled it all in book and video format, resulting in the most comprehensive Oxygen Therapy book and DVD in history, The Flood Your Body with Oxygen Series. RSB Show listeners can get the 4-DVD set for free with purchase of one bottle of Oxylift! RSB interviewed Ed at the Natural Products Association SE Expo last December and you can listen to it by clicking this link: Ed McCabe’s Oxygen and More! Show notes for that appearance are here.

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In case you missed my RSB Show Sunday broadcast (6/16/13) on GCN Hour 1 Rise of new media, Splenda’s leukemia, seasonal mental illness, hypoglycemia and more! Hour 2 Rife energy for restoring optimal health with Judy Erwin and more! You can download the archive here: Also, here is the iTunes feed for Sunday RSB Show broadcasts.

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate flu shot scandal revealed, Jon Rappoport, separation of medicine & state, Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe, cancer cures, Alzheimer’s & more!

  • Robert,
    I listened to your recent interview with Ed McCabe and have a question about taking antioxidant vitamins while using a product such as OxyLift. I take a supplement called Protandim which boosts production of the superoxide dismutase enzyme to combat oxidative stress. A molecule of this enzyme has the capability of neutralizing 1 million more free radicals than a molecule of vitamin C or other antioxidant vitamins. My concern about trying OxyLift is that it would be neutralized by taking Protandim, since active oxygen is essentially a free radical molecule if I am not mistaken. Is my concern valid, or am I over-thinking this? Thank you for all of the great information that you present on your show. Erik

    • Robert Scott Bell

      I will talk about this briefly today on the air, but yes, you are over-thinking it. They are actually quite complementary. The OxyLift should enhance it, not counteract, nor be counteracted by it.

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