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Vaccine Buy Back Program Initiated on The Robert Scott Bell Show!

Disarm the population? It’s never a good idea to make major decisions based purely on raw emotion, especially fear. This is how women needlessly lose their breasts, uterus and ovaries at the hands of medical doctors. Why? According to the allopathic authorities, they are potential serious threats that if allowed, could kill you. The non-FDA/CDC reality is, breast tissue, ovaries and other life giving body parts do not just up and kill you, any more than guns do. Modern psychiatry and state-sanctioned medicine, historically and in modern context are a much greater (and real) threat to women and children than any gun ever manufactured in the history of earth.

Our friends on the emotional-left do not like acknowledging such a fact, perhaps because it threatens their worldview of a benevolent government only looking to protect us from harm wherever it may arise.

Government-approved medicine visited untold horrors in Nazi Germany. FDA approved vaccines and drugs are injuring, maiming (and even killing) untold millions of children each and every year. Ban firearms and you take from the people their last line of defense against tyrannical government and the medical soldiers that have been unleashed among us. We need a plan to stop medical violence against children. I have offered a vaccine buyback program to that effect. How many more women and children will you allow to be victimized, just because the methods used are sanctioned by government, condoned by the media and lobbied into monopoly by the pharmaceutical industrial complex?

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) with your questions, comments or other ideas to get dangerous vaccines out of the hands of doctors!

Special thanks to Ty Bollinger for making manifest the Vaccine Buy Back Poster and for Mike Adams/Natural News for getting the good healing word out! The Power to Heal is Yours!