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“Vaccine Coercion. The Power of No. And Homeopathy.” by Rosanne Lindsay, ND


Vaccine mandates are being test-marketed and fast-tracked around the country. By the stroke of a pen, politicians draw a line in the sand, separating the people from their inherent rights. Like a tsunami wave, tyranny flows in from the coasts and moves inland. In California, the new mandate forces all children who attend public and private school to adhere to the CDC vaccine schedule or be dismissed from public education. In New York, multiple bills have been introduced into state legislatures that affect vaccine exemptions.

When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies. – Ron Paul 

Pushback from opponents comes mostly from parents and those who see the slippery slope in giving up natural rights. In New York, the State Supreme Court ruled that the New York City health department could not require young children to be vaccinated for the flu to attend city-licensed preschools and day care centers. In California, the Senate Education Committee attempted to delay the vote for Bill #SB277 based on the question, “does protecting people from disease justify keeping children out of school?” Yet opponents failed to repeal the law, through an unsuccessful petition to qualify a referendum, which is scheduled to take affect July 2016.

Separation of Parent and Child


Violent waves of change crush parental rights with laws that strip informed consent rights, making parenting all but obsolete. In 2012, the California governor singed a bill allowing minors to receive the HPV vaccine without parental consent. A similar bill was introduced in Texas. Other laws separate children from parents at doctor’s offices with posted signs stating, “A nurse will need to have a short 5 minute private conversation with your child.”

The stated purpose of a private meeting is to discuss birth control options, HIV, and share information about sexually transmitted diseases. This high-pressure sales pitch occurs with children as young as 12 years. In a span of 5 minutes, vaccines are pushed on children who are made to feel intimidated and coerced into saying yes. Never is the child provided with package insert, disclosing the risks of the vaccines, or the need for them. Never is the child free to ask their parents for advice (i.e., boys are told they need a cervical cancer vaccine even though they don’t have a cervix). Never is the child told he/she has a God-given right to say “no, not in my body.”

i-am-the-mom-christy-duffyThe Gardasil vaccine has a 2.5 times greater rate of a serious adverse reactions from the vaccine than deaths from cervical cancer. The new Gardasil 9 vaccine contains over twice the amount of aluminum as its predecessor. In fact, aluminum was used as a placebo in the original study to obtain FDA approval (in place of saline) to reduce the adverse affects, though serious adverse affects, including thousands of deaths are associated with this vaccine. Therefore, Merck, the fourth largest drug company in the world, which sells Gardasil to the government (CDC) for $108 per dose, in the three-shot series, is the only party destined to benefit from the new draconian rule-making.

Growing scientific and medical evidence shows the dangers of all vaccines to children. It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand the harmful effects of toxins injected into a body, bypassing its natural defenses. Just look at the ingredients. Even the federal government concedes there is a problem, since it established The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a fund that reimburses parents for children who die from or are permanently disabled by vaccines. Since 1986, the Program has paid out over $3.3 billion in damages to families for injuries and deaths following a vaccine reaction. A recent settlement awarded $61 million to a family of a child injured by the administration of the DTaP vaccine.

There is an insidious schism growing between push and shove in a system where:

  • pharmaceutical companies author the mandated laws (through their lobbyists working with State medical societies and legislators),

  • government forces medications,

  • the only court is a secret tribunal outside the jurisdiction of the American justice system,

  • doctors circumvent parent’s rights, and

  • the only compensation for injuries is from funding paid for by the taxpaying vaccine recipients themselves.

What is the purpose of government? To educate us? To feed us? To medicate us?

No. The purpose of government is to protect our rights to seek our own education, to feed ourselves, and to care for our own health. The question that must be asked is, does the government serve the people or do the people serve the government?

The Solution

To focus attention solely on the greed and corruption, and inevitable injuries and deaths from mandated pharmaceuticals, is to perpetuate a state of disempowerment in the Master-Slave paradigm. Being aware of the consequences of government-mandated poisoning is only half of the solution. Until enough people can stand up to a government gone rogue, by embodying the rights they were born with, the system continues on through our mutual consent. We can withdraw consent from structures, laws, and paradigms that no longer serve us. In doing so, we collapse the old paradigm to create a new one.

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

The final part of the solution is to self-empower through information and knowledge. Know the options that exist for true health and wellbeing and make use of them. Natural and safe options will not be offered as a choice, so you must seek it out yourself. Homeoprophylaxis is always a viable option to prevent disease. Check out the broad base of research on human studies and trials by going here. Homeopathy is energy medicine. Knowing that we are mostly energy helps us to refocus on the 99% of who we really are. There is power in knowing this.

For those who seek out Pediatricians, you still have a choice to say no, to withdraw consent. Vaccines are part of the Pediatric dictates as well as a large source of their funding. Parents need to be present and to prepare their children for the intimidation tactics that are now condoned by law. Prepare yourself and your child to say NO. Sign nothing.

 From No To Nosodes

Rosanne lindsay bookParent Preparedness:

1. Prophylactic/post vaccination treatment with Thuja occidentalis: Consider treating with Thuja (as a minimum) prior to the vaccination. Thuja is also commonly given after any vaccination to prevent some of the serious side effects common to vaccines. Many homeopaths will suggest that children be treated with the specific homeopathic nosodes to the vaccines depending on their constitutional type (i.e., Siliciea, Thuja, Medorrhinum, and Stramonium) if they are susceptible to the stress of vaccination and develop symptoms consistent with these remedies at the time of vaccination. Strong consideration should be given to the prophylactic use of these remedies at the time of vaccination. If these children are treated prophylactically and subsequently develop symptoms, the symptoms will usually disappear after they receive their constitutional remedy.

2. Treatment with specific vaccine nosodes (HPV, T, D, P, M, M, R, etc.) post vaccination. Consider purchasing a homeoprophylaxis kit of vaccine nosodes. These are all natural homeopathic immunizations, and proven alternatives to vaccines. Homeoprophylaxisis, or HP, a disease prevention method that is safe, non-toxic, and natural. HP “uses diluted and potentized disease particles and respects the immune system by only introducing one disease at a time through a natural route of administration passing through mucous membrane. The nosodes contain no adjuvants, preservatives, antibiotics, or detergents, and are not grown on mediums such as animal tissues containing foreign DNA or unknown viruses.”  For Pre-Post Vaccine Nosode Kits go here as one option-

In general, nosodes provide very specific protection. Give your child a potency of 30c-200c potency of the remedy you select for three successive days. The remedy is best taken first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening just before bedtime.

It is recommended that only one remedy may be given at a time, and not more than one disease may be immunized for each week. You may require the assistance of a trained homeopathic doctor in choosing or obtaining some of these remedies.

3. Example Naturopathic Immune Protocol Post Vaccine to Reduce Inflammation

a) high-dose (lyposheric, 1000 mg) vitamin C (or I.V) 4X/day

b) omega 3’s 2X/day

c) avocado oil

d) selenium (200 mcg, 2X/day) anti-oxidant

e) whey protein powder (glutathione production for detoxification)

f) magnesium (500 mg) 2X/day

g) zinc (50 mg) 2X/day

h) parsley and celery juice

i) silica (or Silicea homeopathic)

j) edible clay (Terramin clay) for ingestion (1 tsp in water or capsules) 2X/day.

k) quercetin and Ellegic acid (optional)

4. Seek out the assistance of a Naturopath, Homeopath, or those who can help with the above options and/or to reset the energy body through energy frequency technologies.

Child Preparedness:

1. Understand there are risks to anything you inject into your body. Ask for guidance in gathering information on the risks to the vaccines you may be offered at a doctor’s visit. Search online for your own information.

2. Know you can say No. At the doctor’s office, you have a right to say no to any medication or injection. You have a right to assert your free will. No apologies necessary. Practice saying no.

Rosanne Lindsay3. Request the presence of your parent during an office visit. As a minor, your parent is legally responsible for your health and wellbeing. Your doctor is not responsible or accountable to anyone for any injuries you may experience from the vaccines.

4. Request to see the package insert for all vaccines. These are 2-8 (or more) pages in length. If there is no time for a proper review of the information, refuse to be pressured into taking anything.


Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Earth Keeper, liberty-lover, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and her website at