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Vaccine Wars, Erin Brockovich on Leroy 12 (15 Plus Boy), Chris Barr, Cadmium-Selenium Relationship, Raw Milk Vending, No More NSAIDs Kids, High Health Insurance Costs and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for January 29, 2012, 1-3 PM EST

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Hour 1 The LeRoy 12 is now 15 including a boy! Erin Brockovich? Cadmium proficiency equals Selenium deficiency! Chris Barr returns to restore food grown nutritional integrity!

Erin Brockovich Launches Investigation Into Tic Illness Affecting NY Teenagers “Environmental activist Erin Brockovich has launched her own investigation into the mysterious illness causing facial tics and verbal outbursts among 15 teenagers in Le Roy, NY…” Will she mention vaccines?

Study Links Cadmium Exposure to Learning Disabilities in Kids “Children with high levels of a heavy metal called cadmium in their urine may be more likely to have learning disabilities and/or need special education, a new study shows.” Selenium deficiency being linked to mental functions AND such deficiency increased due to cadmium toxicity as selenium is the body’s ONLY defense against excess cadmium.  Selenium escorts cadmium out of the body, but, alas, is therefore sacrificed as it takes cadmium OUT …of the body.

Controversial Amendments Injected Into Florida Vaccine Bill “Some Florida lawmakers want to allow pharmacists to administer shingles and pneumonia vaccines to seniors. Physicians are pushing back.” This is a turf war.

Seasonal flu shot no help with swine flu “The seasonal flu vaccine provides little protection against the novel (swine) H3N2 strain of flu, Canadian researchers say.” But at least you can still get free photo-processing…

How Are Microwave Popcorn, Your Child’s Immune System Connected? “It found that the perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in these products are associated with lowered immune response to vaccinations in children.” First breast milk and now microwave popcorn and non-stick pans; Can’t a vaccine-pusher get a break?

Hour 2 – Health insurance too expensive? Blame Canada. Not really, but government is in there everywhere! Which presidential candidate is not on drugs? Plus, no more NSAIDS for Kids…

Health Insurers Say Telling Truth On Costs Is Just Too Expensive “One of the lesser known—but highly useful— creations of the Affordable Care Act is a provision which requires heath insurance companies to provide plan summaries that allow people to read, in simple and clear English, what they are getting…” The truth is – there’s too much government in medicine!

Which Republican candidate is not on any drugs? Can you say “Ron Paul?”

One page of medical records? Ron Paul challenges rivals to a bike race!

IV Acetaminophen Linked to More Child Overdoses “Following the U.S. Food Drug Administration’s approval last year of an intravenous formulation of acetaminophen for fever and pain in a hospital setting, researchers warn that use of the preparation could lead to serious overdoses, particularly among the youngest patients.” What can you use instead of NSAIDS for kids?*

U.S. treasury raids federal employee pension funds to cover debts “There is a saying, ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures.’ Roughly, it’s an expression that’s meant to be reassuring, conjuring up an image of a true statesman-like leader who is preparing to do whatever is necessary to lead the masses out of danger.” Is your retirement fund safe?

When you go to Hawaii, unplug if you want any privacy at all! Hawaii police state? Government may track all website visits by residents “It is becoming increasingly obvious, and highly embarrassing, that many members of the US Congress have absolutely no idea what the Constitution says, or how the justice system works.”

Raw milk vending machines growing in popularity across Europe “While American health authorities continue to peddle unfounded superstition about the so-called dangers of raw milk, which has spawned authoritarian policies that prevent millions of Americans from freely accessing it, unpasteurized dairy is all the rage throughout Europe.”

Tom Woods, Robert Scott Bell are confirmed to be speaking at “Nullify Now!” Philadelphia! “How is Nullification a matter of life or death?” Nullification isn’t just some simple idea, a historical oddity, or even an interesting philosophical discussion – it’s why Robert lives today.

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