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Wait…What? Hey! My Own Page????

Well look at that….I get to carve out my own little place on the website! Hmmm….what am I going to do on here?


Stay tuned for anything and everything from behind the scenes here at The Robert Scott Bell Show. If you have any questions or comment show related plese let me know. You can always call and leave a message at 866-939-2355 as well.


Have a great Monday!



6 thoughts on “Wait…What? Hey! My Own Page????

  • Don, thank you so much for all you have done, all you do, and continue to do for Robert and the great message of real health that he brings better than anybody else on radio.

  • Coast Guard Corey

    Dear Super Don,

    You, Robert, Liam and the rest of the team Rock The Casbah, errr, I mean Health World like one other in media. ~We can’t thank you enough for putting out the hard hitting info that you do, in such a light hearted, feel good way.

    Well, gotta go, I’ve got some sponsors to thank. 🙂

    Your Shipmate,

    • Robert Scott Bell

      Corey, we’re honored to serve with you on this mission of love!

  • Keep Rocking the Health World, Super Don! You’re doing an amazing job. Love the combination of you, Robert and the rest of the team.

  • Hey Super Don, I love your music lead ins….great job on choices!! Also really appreciate you going through all those crazy media sites to bring us the “real news”. That way only one of us (you) has to be mad at the MSM blow hards!! It is fun to listen to your rants with RSB, you guys make me laugh. Of course RSB is the best, so keep on doing the great job to bring us interesting, informative talk radio. I catch all the shows live as much as possible, and like the new archive format that helps to sort through the topics.

  • You and SuperDon make the best team on the air! Keep rockin’ the health world!!

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