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What is an Anti-FACTSer?

The Fact Denialist Movement (also known as Anti-FACTSers) is an irrational trend of denial of the scope of vaccination injury and adverse events, despite the fact that vaccines all carry the risk of irreversible harm and even death (any vaccine insert proves this). This denialist movement also ignores the significance of the more than 3 billion dollars that has been paid out to vaccine injured through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund since it was inaugurated in 1986.

The Anti-FACTSers will typically resort to personal attacks and orchestrated scare tactics to intimidate anyone who attempts to offer an opposing opinion based on any of the hundreds of peer reviewed and published studies that have clearly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines do pose risks and warrant more research and investigation. Anti-FACTSers often like to speak out of both sides of their mouths. One moment they will attempt to claim the mantle of science in their efforts to expand the creation and public acceptance of a vaccine,  but then the next moment they will deny the existence of any of the published evidence based science refuting and contradicting  their dangerous and irresponsible claims. Sometimes this type of denialist will try to employ a confusing and ironic tactic; they will ignore the peer reviewed and published science that doesn’t support their point of view and then call anyone who is not a true believer of their movement “anti-science”. This self-contradiction is evidence of the fact that Anti-FACTSers do not believe in science as a whole, but only their own handpicked, industry funded pseudoscience that contradicts the hundreds of studies from around the world in multiple countries, that have proven time and time again that the adverse events from vaccines are real and more common than is reported.

Anti-FACTSers are determined to convince the public at large that the Pseudoscience that they use as the foundation of their

This vitriolic and fact denialist movement also believes that any individual who does not blindly conform to their point of view and pledge blind allegience to their version of “science” should be subject to public persecution and stripped of their constitutional rights.