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November 14, 2012

You want to go inside the Prop 37 campaign?  I can take you there for a peek.

The foot soldiers on the ground are flat broke.  They’re exhausted, played out, they’ve spent their own money and in many case they haven’t been reimbursed.  Some of them are now without homes.  They’ve given everything to the cause, and they’re tapped out—psychologically, physically, emotionally, and in every other way.

They went for it in a way few people can understand.  Now they see the vote projections and numbers, and they throw up their hands.  If they can even think straight, after a battle like this, it’s a miracle.

Well, this is what happens in a long campaign.  It’s not pretty at the end.

Thanks should go out to these people, these grassroots people who ran straight at the wall because they believed in their cause, and then finally hit the wall.

They gave their all.

But far above them, within the ranks of Prop 37, there are others who controlled the action.  They’re not sweating things too badly right now.  They bankrolled the campaign, in some cases.  They called the shots.  Most importantly, they hired the pollsters many months ago who decided how the campaign would be run.

Now we’re getting to the heart of things.  These big shots hired  pollsters who told them, “There is one and only one way to win Prop 37.  Focus on people’s right to know what’s in their food.  That’s it.  Don’t focus on anything else.”

That might sound right, on the surface, but there was one very serious problem.  The foot soldiers, the people who made up most of the 37 campaign, had a different view.  They wanted more.

They wanted to show people how genetically modified food could injure people’s health.   They wanted to educate the people of California about the whole deal.  They were right to want that.

Lots and lots of people don’t know why they need to know about GMOs.

So the YES ON 37 ground troops were alienated.

They waited out in the rain while the big shots decided how the 37 campaign would be done.  And those big shots are now saying—because they’ve consulted with their pollsters and other pros—that the election is lost.  The numbers are impossible to reverse.  “Nothing to see here, move along.”

I’ve proven how wrong that is.

Right now, we’re dealing with a smokescreen that is being launched to make people believe Prop 37 is over, it’s lost, and there is no chance of it winning, as California counts the outstanding votes this month.

This smokescreen is filled with projections and numbers and percentages.  “If YES ON 37 gets 62% of the remaining votes, but is trailing by 600,000 votes right now, there is no chance…”


My previous article, “Prop 37: The top 7 reasons not to believe the vote-count,” explains how this election could easily have been stolen, electronically, and why there was every reason to do it.

The “smokescreen articles” all share a common feature.

They take the votes that remain to be counted (2.3 million at my last count) and project what percentage of those votes would have to go to YES ON 37, in order to secure a victory.

Then they conclude: 66%, or 70%, or 75% of the uncounted votes would have to go YES, and they confidently say this will never happen.

They entirely miss the point.  These people are entirely ignorant about electronic vote fraud.

I’ll say this for the hundredth time: the fraud isn’t simply about the votes that remain to be counted.

This is about the votes that have already been counted.

May I repeat that?  Fraud is about the votes that have already been counted.

It’s about the votes that have already been counted, that are now being counted, that will be counted.

The fraud would be electronic.  It’s computer fraud.  It invents vote-counts.  From the get-go, it invents votes and changes vote totals.

It’s virtual invented reality for the masses.

As I explained in my previous article, this kind of fraud was already an obvious possibility and, in fact, a reality in California elections.  That’s why the secretary of state of CA, in 2007, ordered a “top-to-bottom” review of all electronic voting systems currently in use in the state.

And that’s why the review was done, and that’s why the review showed that four different electronic voting systems had fatal flaws.

So all this nonsense about “how many votes remain to be counted” in the Prop 37 election, and “what percentage of those votes would have to say YES ON 37”…all that is misguided and foolish and wrong-headed and irrelevant.

Of course, the people who are writing these “expert” articles and making these “expert” projections are quite sure they understand the voting game.  They believe they are right on top of things.

They want to accept the premise that vote-counts and elections are on the up-and-up and honest.  They are dedicated to that premise.

There are some very talented hackers out there who are laughing so hard they’re falling off their chairs.

The YES ON 37 leaders’ fatal flaw?  They believed in the sanctity of the voting system.  The experts who were advising them and are still advising them are guiding them in exactly the wrong direction.

When you walk into the mouth of the dragon holding a flashlight and a pint of water, to put out the fire in his mouth, there is something wrong with your premise.

The dragon is all the people and all the force that wants GMO food to reign supreme on planet Earth.  Labeling food so people can know whether it’s genetically engineered could deal a powerful body blow to those forces.

Any sane person knows these forces would do anything to stop the tide of anti-GMO conviction spreading across the world.  An election?  Electronically rigging a vote?  Of course.  Just another day at the office.

Electronic vote fraud has absolutely nothing to do with conventional projections of how votes will turn out or percentages or predictions.  All that is based on an honest system.

Face it, from the time the first crooked high priest lied to his sheep about his divine mandate; to the machine pol in New York buying votes and sending out goons to beat up opposition voters; all the way to the present computer takeover of the election process, the watchword has been: corruption.

If you can’t understand and accept that, you need a very serious reality check.

Let me say it plainly: the people who think of themselves as experts and are assuring you that the numbers rule out a victory for Prop 37…those people are dead wrong.

Remember Orwell’s 1984?  At the end, we learn the whole objective of the leaders is to make rebels love the State.  Not just accept it.  Love it.

I detect this now.  Love the election system.  Don’t just assume it’s above board.  Love it.

People have a hard time giving up something they think they love.

But they need to.  They need to do it now.

“But…but you see, with two million votes still uncounted, if we get 60% of the vote, we still lose.  Even 65%…we still don’t make it.  We lose.  We have to heal and move on.  We have to live to fight another day…even with 70%, let me check those numbers again…yes, we still lose…it’s…we have no chance…just let it go…”

Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid if you want to.

But instead I invite you to wake up.  If you can.

The YES ON 37 leaders are listening to their pros, their pollsters, their experts.  Again, that’s their fatal error.

And they’re in danger of making the same mistake as they move on to the state of Washington, to mount a new campaign to label GMO food.  Don’t think the election there can be electronically manipulated?  You’re dreaming.

The kind of pre-election “vote-fraud” analysis you’ve been doing, to head off fraud at the pass ?  Useless.  You’re using people who aren’t talented enough.  You need to bring in the heavyweights, the people who can hack into anything.

Publicly, with FBI and other law-enforcement types present, and with the press there, you have to show that the election system can be hacked.  Demonstrate it.

Come into the 21st century.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.  Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.  You can sign up  for his free emails at